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after i spent sometime with snowwhite, I decided to be brave and let ashton out of the crate he see if he would cuddle. And he did he sat on my lap purring away as happy as could be. I really love that cat. He let me touch his paws and rub his belly, I think he likes being inside I just bought a vaule pack of 48 toy mice for the kittens and moe and neo, so I gave him one and now he is playing with that.
I know hubby isn't going to let me have six cats inside. It was a big enough fight to get the kittens to be allound to stay in. Can outside cats have a long healthy lives. I don't want anything to happen to him Why couldn't I have caught snowwhite when she was pregant with that litter There is just something specail about him. I love all cats but every once in awhile I just feel something speical about them. Like with Neo, and now with nimby. UGH! what to do what to do!! I'm starting to try to catch lilly today, so if I catch her, I have ashton in until around may 11th or 12th, I i don't he goes in this friday to be fixed and then I will keep him in a couple days to recop and then he is back outside