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Dusty will wake me up early in the morning. There is no set time, but when she wants some petting, she wants some PETTING. And she won't take no for an answer. I end up having to put her and Rusty out of the room and shut the door.

Rusty will do this sometimes too. But she will worm her way under the covers and claw and play with my feet.
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Originally Posted by PurpleCJ-7 View Post
There are tons of threads about what we all love about our furbaby(ies) but what about the things we could do without?? Now this is just for fun, because honestly I love everything about Kiwi......

.....but does she really need to chew the end of my nose in the middle of the night???
Persi loves to drop things from the top of the stairs and watch and listen to them plunking down. The problem is things do not always make it to the bottom creating a major hazard. But I love that guy!
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Zero is at an age where /everything/ is a toy. Old sales receipts and empty instant oatmeal packets (which he deliberately fishes out of the trash, (childproof) travel sized pill containers which rattle so enticingly, dvd cases, nail clippers. last week he opened a pack of gum and unwrapped each stick just so he could bat the wrappers around!!! Not a scratch on the seven sticks of gum, all scattered throughout the living room in otherwise pristine condition.

He'll chew on my pants... I found teeth marks in one of my bowties at work the other day, along with some suspiciously loose threads in the hem of my tux pants... he seems to like to clean his teeth on the stem of a pumpkin on the coffee table by chewing it into oblivion. He also disagrees about the position of one of the speakers for the living room stereo... i think it goes on the shelf, but he thinks it goes on the floor.

Since I have several hobbies that involve small parts I have to be quite paranoid about keeping bits and pieces of things hidden and contained, and keeping dangerous chemicals out of reach. However, the one positive in all of this is that he's totally uninterested in electrical wires. Go figure!

The little lad is only about 6 months old... I just hope he grows out of this soon.
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Trout bites and hisses for no reason at all I could just be walking in front of her and she strikes at my foot like a snake. IT HURTS!
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Nova swats me (claws out) when I'm sleeping.
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My cats' least desirable traits? Jumping off the bed (or my lap), of course! I want 'em close and when they decide otherwise, I'm not happy. Other than that, I'd say getting into inter-cat spats. My Sammi is just getting over the ill effects of a "Friday Night SMACKdown!"-style free-for-all with Calo. Yikes!
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Wickett would rather let you "kick" him across the floor than get out of your way. Now, let me explain... when you tell him to move or nudge him with your foot to encourage him he flops over and then lets you use your foot to scoot him out of your way. I've taken him across the apartment like this before.
Riley does this too He doesn't understand "move".

Riley won't snuggle. Ever.

Xander is a social pee-er. If Riley uses the box, Xander has to use it. If anyone is in the bathroom, Xander has to use the box. He's like those people that only drink or smoke when they're out with their friends doing it He's also a digger. "scratch, scratch scratch scratch" for 10 or 15 minutes after he's done!
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Quigley is the cat from Hell. He races thru the house and whoo be it if anything or anyone is in the way.

He also takes the lid off of the dog food container (or any other thing he can find). He takes the lid off my Avon shipping boxes. He pulls candy out of the bucket I keep it in. He only plays with it but if he gets it on the floor, the dogs eat it, no matter what it is. He pulls paper out of the waste basket.

He also chews shoe strings or anything else of that nature. I have to keep my shoes in the closet and my clothes with strings put away.

But, he is so cute and has the softest fur.
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It never fails -- every time I have my hands full (groceries, laundry basket, work stuff, whatever) Rocky runs out the apartment door into the hall. He rarely does it if I just have my purse and keys. If I put my things down and chase him, he runs faster.

Oliver runs into the linen closet or the kitchen cupboards every time I open them. This morning as I was feeding the boys, Oliver decided to climb into the cupboard after I'd taken out the tub with their dry food. I said, "Oliver, you need to come out, I have to get ready for work." He meowed back at me, and for all the world it sounded like he was saying "No!"

They're both really sweet, smart cats, just ornery sometimes.
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Forrest is the sweetest boy and my precious baby, but he has a bad habit of rolling in his litter box. I'll have him across my shoulder or on my lap petting him and realize that his normal satin like black fur is dull and gray. Time to go wash my hands.

Lilly will lay right next to my Husband and me, but will not let either of us pick her up. I'd love to carry her around but she HATES it. At least she gets a lot of petting by being next to us.
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Levi has a thing for chewing. I have preety much broke him of chewing on my fingers, but once in a while when he thinks I should pet him he will still chew my fingers.

Jordan gets agressive when he is afraid. So this has made vet trips very difficult, and he has had a lot of vet trips over the last year.

Isaac is a big bully! This is the trait that bothers me the most. He picks on Levi & has even begun to pick on Jordan once in a while.

Maggie is a DRAMA Queen. Sometimes it's cute, but when she was sick last year it was hard to know if she was super sick or just being over dramatic. She also makes noises like someone is killing her when one of the boys tries to play with her and she doesn't want to play. That is just another form of her drama.
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Forgot one.

Koko loves toes. I can't step out of the shower without her running up to me to lick my toes clean. She loves the summer because we go barefoot a lot. She'll follow you from room to room to lick your toes. Cooking is a challenge when we have to keep stepping over her, just to have her head follow your foot as it swings over her head. I'm amazed we haven't hurt either ourselves or her trying to avoid her mouth.
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Getting on the counters. This is my only problem. I say mine, because it certainly isn't hers, now is it? She does as she pleases, in spite of me.
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My cats are only 'undesirable' around new people.

Demetri likes to lick strangers and Ana smells mens crotches then flops herself down demanding belly rubs
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Shadow likes to remove Q-tips from the package and throw them on the floor. For the 1st couple of years she had a bread fettish. She would steal bags of hamberger buns and loaves of bread and hide them. If I brought groceries home I never had to worry about her trying to get into the meat, but I had to carefully guard the breads.

Squirt has gas issues. When he is snuggled beside you there will be a little "poof" sound followed by a little green cloud. Then he sits there looking all proud as you cough and gag
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They are both close to purrfect now.

But until recently, Holly liked to destroy, completely, any paper item. The toilet paper had to be hidden!

Kitty is extremly vocal, but its only annoying when she doesnt stop after a long session of meowing. She thinks the food will keep coming if she mews enough
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farting on my face when I am falling asleep. Cant get any worst than that!
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Tomnus must...absolutely must lay down in front of me when I have to go to the bathroom. And the worse the urge, the longer it takes him to move. I swear I'm going to run him over one of these days when its running down my leg.

When we sleep he HAS to be right against matter how many times I roll over on him(I'm 350+pounds you think he would learn) he refuses to sleep anywhere else at night. And it must always be above the blanket so when I get up in the morning I can't get the blanket off because he's sleeping on it. 4AM with a full bladder isn't a great time to have a discussion with a sleeping cat about moving, especially when you just rolled off of him.
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she eats only with company.
so she take two munch, comes ard n ask for a rub down, then go take two munch, then comes ard again ...

tat means terribly long meal time :p
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One of my cats follows me to the kitchen every time I go there. She is not the brightest cat on the block. I feed her exactly 2 times a day at the same time every day, never any snacks, but she still thinks (hopes) that she will get something in between if she follows me to the kitchen.

My other cat will not let me catch her when she knows I have to, like to give medicine, or trim claws. Any other time I just bend over and pick her up---no problem.
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Sam: "I am hungry, feed me."
Me: (distracted on internet, or answering email) " a second, buddy."
Sam: "I shall walk under your desk and rub up to your feet. Oops, did my tail yank your mouse and keyboard down? So sorry, FEED ME!"
Me: *headdesk*
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For me Nora's least desirable trait is that she is very 'everything is in "my" time'. If she wants to cuddle she will come to you...if she doesn't and you pick her up and hold her she will run away, same with pets, food, play, etc...she is very pretentious in that way.

We haven't had Milo enough to know what his least desirable trait is.
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