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Vote for December- Deck the Halls with Sparkle Balls and Catnip!

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Thank you for all of the wonderful entries for the December Photo Contest - Deck the Halls with Sparkle Balls and Catnip! Congratulations to our finalists, as determined by our site team. To make it fair, we did institute a rule that we could not vote for our own pictures. We were each allowed to vote for 10 photos, and these constitute the ones that 1/2 of us voted for. (I want to make this as transparent as possible so everyone knows this is a fair process.)

This poll will be open for 1 week. Each member can vote for one of our finalists, and you can vote for your own photo if you want to. You did not have to enter a photo to be able to vote. The top photos will be featured in a 2009 Calendar that will be offered for sale through Cafe Press at the TCS Store. An example of what the calendar may look like is here: Please note I used the first 3 photos in alphabetical order, it is not reflective of the team vote or my own personal views.

The top 3 will receive points (1st: 5000 points, 2nd: 2500 points, 3rd: 1000 points) and a custom signature showing the whole site that they have Mr./Ms. March on TCS! And, of course, bragging rights. The winner will also have a 2009 TCS Calendar that will go on sale later this year sent to them!

The photos will appear in the next post, in alphabetical order.
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Ginger Cookie

Kiko waiting for Santa

Levi the cutest elf

Polly Many Toes

Reilly the Grinch

Sabina a.k.a. Cranky the Elf

Shatner & his Snowman


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I think it's appropriate that the hardest choice is the last contest of the year! These photos keep getting better and better, and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!!

I also want to take a moment to thank every single person who entered a photo this year. They were all simply amazing and working on the calendar shows me what amazing cats and photographers we have on this site! It's been a blast looking at all of the pictures, and excruciating trying to decide on the finalists and even harder to pick only one for the winner. I expect next years' contests will be even more of the same - amazing!!
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Ok, now this one is really unfair!

I'll have to take a couple of days to think about it. They're all winners in my book.
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One of my babies finally made it!!!!

That's one of my favorite pictures of Shatner!!
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Sabina cracks me up
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I must say this is SOOOO HARD! But I love seeing pictures of Reilly so it goes without saying that I chose him! But all the pictures are so cute! There should be a collage of all the pictures for this month!
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I so totally can't decide.

I WAS going to do a 365 cats calendar for my Secret Santa. It's not going as quickly as I want. :o(
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I was stuck between Sabina and Ernesto. In the end I went for Cranky the Elf as I can't look at that picture without laughing
Sophie looks so beautiful with her lopsided hat!
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If my Levi wen't there, I don't think I could have picked. They are all so good! I think this one has by far the best entries.

Of coarse, I love my Levi & could never vote for anyone else!

By the way my cats aren't spoiled are they? (those are all sparkle balls they had before, I just had to go hunting under the fridge)
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They are all SO CUTE!!!
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Oooh! This is really hard. Since my kitty didn't make the finals this time I have to make a choice. I think I've got it narrowed down to just three or four.
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This is a really hard bunch to choose from!! They are all sooo good!
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That was another tough decision in which I wanted to be able to vote for my top THREE! This calendar is going to be incredible!
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Originally Posted by firedancer722 View Post
This is a really hard bunch to choose from!! They are all sooo good!
I agree wow. Lovely cats!

I just had to choose one because I couldn't make my mind up.
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WOW... those pictures are fabulous...
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oh they are all wonderful! i really struggled to chose but stoli just cracks me up!

good luck everyone!
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It's so hard to choose they are all winners
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Wow it's a tight race for 3rd place!
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
Wow it's a tight race for 3rd place!
Yes it is! The polls close in a few hours, and apparently every vote counts!
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Less than an hour now! I knew this would be a tight race, but I didn't know it would be this tight!
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Congratulations to our winners!!

1st Place - Sabina a.k.a. Cranky the Elf by clixpix

2nd Place - Ernesto by mimosa

3rd Place (by one single vote!) - Shatner and his snowman by LotsO'Cats

I was pulling for Levi with all the sparkle balls, with the name of the contest and all. OK, I was actually pulling for a nine-way-tie so all of the pictures would get in! I was terribly indecisive with this month!!
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Here are the celebratory signatures!

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Levi and Kiko came so close!

Congrats to all the winners, and everyone who made the finals!
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Congrats Clixpix and Sabina, and Lots o'cats and Shatner !!

Thanks everyone who voted for Ernesto.

And thanks Clixpix for the sig, I'd been wanting to request one for some time with the exact same stars, can you read minds
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I had posted this in the thread I started but wanted to post this over here too.

Clixpix, I also wanted to say thank you for the tag it's beautiful!
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