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I've done it! Well, almost!

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I did my last day at the MS Research Project today. I was supposed to finish up tomorrow but because of the car accident I was in, sitting for extended periods of time hurts my back more than walking, standing with intermittent periods of sitting.

Anyway, I got a print out of my hours from there and it totals 177.38 hours. That combined with the hours I have worked at my ward position back-to-work program, and the hours that I will do there between now and November 30th, I have met my 368 hours requirement to renew my license for 2009! In fact by the end of November I will have exceeded that amount and will have 375.88 hours.

The car accident I was in on October 24th has been making this a challenge for me because until then I was 100% pain free and now I'm having to work with back pain. But between ice packs (which I carry around with me to work), Robaxacin, Ibuprofen, the chiropractor and rest periods, not to mention heat from the shower and my water bed, I have been able to manage on the ward pretty well.

Pending no disaster or sick time, I will have a total of 523.13 hours by the end of December. 155.13 hours more than what I need!!

So please keep those TSC vibes coming. I'm on the home stretch!
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Great news!
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Congratulations, that is fantastic!!! I hope your back can rest a bit more now from not having to sit down all day
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I have 4 days off after tomorrow, so that will be a big help. I'll go to the chiropractor tomorrow and then again on Monday morning. Then again Wednesday and Friday before I go to work (I work evenings next week). So that rest will be good.

I'm dead set on getting back to work and back on the payroll that nothing short of a national disaster is going to stop me!
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Congrats on getting in the required hours despite your newly injured back.
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That's fantastic
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Today my chiropractor said "You sure have drive!" I told him that it's more like tunnel vision! I only see one thing in front of me right now and that's my job, and I have blinders on for everything else!
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You're doing great!! Keep pluggin away, it will all be worth it
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That is great news. you have worked very hard to get your life back. Some more quick healing vibes
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