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I got the drinkwell for my birthday, well i'll get it this afternoon. I'm really excited. I've read about it one previous posts here, but I was wondering if anyone has anything to say about it. Or that versus the petmate one? I cannot wait to see if Willie likes it...I think he will. He likes anything! Any tips or suggestions or ideas or comments?

Thanks much, Greta.
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I got the petmate one, my cats love it, except one of my cats pulled the top off it once and took out the filter and flung water all over the kitchen, its typical for him though, he is soo curious about everything, but I think they drink more water now. They really love it. I used to have a copper tabletop fountain that one of my cats loved to drink out of, and I thought it may not be good for her to drink out of a copper fountain, so I took it out of the house and got this petmate fountain and they all really like it.
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i feel that my babies are not drinking enough water. i used to put a few drops of vitamin supplements in their water bowl (distilled water.)

At first, i thought it was the vitamin supplements' fault that they are not drinking the water. i stopped adding those. It turns out they simploy are not drinking much water.

i am SERIOUSLY considering getting a pet fountain for them. i read that kitties drink more water if they are flowing from a fountain.

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Cat supplies for your birth day? hmmm I guess so.

I normally don't celebrate my b-day but when other people do I wind up getting presents that are really for my daughter, lol.
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I have the Petmate one also, and I love it. It is easy to mantain and the girls seem to drink more than when it was just their water bowl.
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Hello, I have the drinkwell. I tried both, but the Drinkwell was most like a dripping faucet (which Harry likes). And, he definitely drinks more water now!

I read that cats don't like it when their whiskers touch the sides of their food or water bowls, and the drinkwell fountain has a really wide water bowl. So, maybe that's another reason Harry preferred the Drinkwell brand. Go figure!
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Are these fountains noisy? Do you let them run all the time?

I read somewhere about them being problematic because germs or something build up in them -- has anyone else heard that?
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Mine isnt noisy, and it does tend to get a little slimy sometimes, so every couple of days I take it apart and rinse it out with soapy water and rinse it really well. Its really worth the trouble to me though, they drink alot more since I have been using it. Mine has a charcoal filter that you can replace every now and then too.
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Well I hooked my drinkwell up. I have the resevoir, but when i use it, the bowl fill to the rim with water and almost looks like it will over flow. Is that the way everyone's works? I'm scared I got a bad one. I guess i can always reurn it, but if that's the way it is that's fine too. I just don't want it to overflow.

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We've had a Petmate "Fresh Flow" for about two months, and I find our cat is drinking more water. When it is full, it is pretty much up to the brim, and has never overflowed. Jamie doesn't like drinking out of faucets, which is why I got the Petmate with its little ramp as opposed to the Drinkwell and its waterfall. Definitely shop around a bit, because I found up to a $20 difference in price! I pull the plug on ours when we're both at work, but otherwise it runs all the time, isn't noisy, and doesn't get slimy, since I wash it out with hot water at least every other day. I still have other water bowls (I use flat, wide soup bowls) spread throughout the house, but Jamie seems to be drinking out of the "Fresh Flow" more and more as time goes by.
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We got the drinkwell fountain with the reservoir attachment a few weeks back and it has been a huge success! The cats are definitely drinking more water. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and runs very quietly.
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my kitty loves the drinkwell he even started drinking from the spout.
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So my Drinkwell is working fine. I love it. Willie loves it. My cat had fancy feast today by mistake and now he stinks if you know what I mean...that stuff is crap.
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I think I'm the only person on earth with a cat who did not like his water fountain. I bought him the Drinkwell fountain, assuming he would LOVE it, and much to my dismay, he seemed very scared of it. I left it in the house for about 3 weeks, and during that time, he drank less and less water. He still had his other bowl of water, but I rarely saw him drink from either. The next thing I know, he's not peeing in the litterbox... he's trying to, but couldn't. So off to the vet we went, and he had a UTI (no blockage, thank goodness). He was put on antibiotics to clear that up. Anyway, I'm off topic... I packed up the fountain and sent it back. I lured him back into drinking water by giving him drops of it off my finger until he seemed interested in drinking more. Today, he's fine, and drinks quite a bit out of his regular old ceramic water bowls.
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I really want to get one of these for my cats, but I never see them for less then $30.00 and I'm not made of money.
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My two cats drink so much water that they can recreate the Rock of Gibralter in their litter box on what seems like a daily basis! *sigh* : So water consumption isn't an issue, however, they do like to drink out of my tabletop fountain and I would rather they not. Where can you get these pet fountains? The main stores we have in this area are Petco and Petsmart.

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Only Petco carries the Drinkwell in the store. But all pet stores have the Petmate one. Also this place online in Mission Viego California sells the whole deal with all the options for only 49 dollars and no tax unless you live in CA. You can search for the store by "drinkwell and pet supply stores" on google.
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Is the Drinkwell more like a faucet? Does it provide a constant running stream of water, or does it simply run water when the bowl is getting lower on water?

My cat likes drinking from the faucet, so whichever machine is most like a running faucet would be the best.


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The Drinkwell is more like a faucet...it actually has a waterfall. The Petmate one has a ramp that the water runs down. People say if their cats like running faucets then the Drinkwell is better. You can adjsut the flow of the water on the drinkwell too. It has a filter and the such...it's nice. www.vetventures.com (I think)
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I have the petmate drinking fountain. Soloman loves it. In fact, I tried to put it away once to save some space and he started drinking out of the toliets. I put it back out for him and I think he drank half the water it holds that day.
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I was in Petsmart last night and they had both the Drinkwell and the Petmate. If I'm remembering correctly the Drinkwell was $49 and the Petmate was $39. So now - in Dallas at least - you can get either drinking system at both Petco and Petsmart! I got the Petmate system for my babies last night. Smudge loved it, my Nermal (who isn't the sharpest crayon in the box) hasn't quite figured it out yet. He kept dipping his paw into the pool and then licking it. He splashed a lot too. It was cute.
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I had the Petmate, and my cats were fine with it. I switched to the Drinkwell because my one cat loves to drink from the faucet, so I thought I would treat him. Both like it. I did not buy the reservior, so it seems that I have to keep a close eye on the Drinkwell to make sure it is full. If the water level is down even a little, I can hear the motor running. I could go for days with the Petmate without refilling, even though it seems that they both had about the same capacity.

One note on the Petmate....I gave it to a friend. He can't use it because one of his cats takes the top off and pulls the filter out every day.
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Are you saying that if you have the resevoire for the Drinkwell system, the water continues to run (so you don't hear the motor)? Or does it seem to run out of water regardless?


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JC discovered he could do that last week - it's fun to run off with the sopping wet filter and shove it under the couch. Tell your friend he can use masking tape (easy to get off) to hold the top down. Then his cat can have fun figuring out how to peel the tape off!
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You don't know these 2 cats. They are terrors. I have no doubt they would figure out how to peel off masking tape.


As to the reservoir, I don't know because I don't have it. It just seems to me that if I don't keep the Drinkwell absolutely full, I hear the pump making a sucking noise, like it's too low on water. I just make sure I top it off every morning. The motor is really pretty quiet regardless. I guess I didn't explain it very well.
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i want a Drinkwell now!!
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i was concerned that both my kitties were not drinking enough water.

i got them a Petmate fleshflow. It has a ramp. Both kitties are drinking more water now. Venus (pix below) likes to drink from the ramp.

i am just glad the product serves its purpose. :

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Hi, Shirley! I'm glad Venus & Daisy like their Petmate. They just became available in Germany about six months ago, and a lot of people are absolutely thrilled with them. This may be a stupid question, but what breed are your cats? They look like Angoras to me. The first cat I fell in love with as a kid was a big silver Angora that belonged to a neighbor. She was nuts about kids, and would sit in front of the house in the morning and afternoon just waiting for the kids walking to and from school.
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Oh, Jcat.. how sweet!! i can imagine you as a little kid, loving the sweet silver beauty... so very sweet, just the thought of it!!

Venus has got Turkish Angora in her, and Daisy is a domestic shorthair.

Here are some pix for you, taken just yesterday:

Venus is an extremely bold and confident kitten. She ran up to the tree (about 7 feet) and i played with her using her current favorite toy: a pheasant feather (a present from Mary Auth.) By the way, this pix is for Cindy as well

Here is a funny close up of Venus. i was below her level.

Here is a pix of the girls "together." Daisy was resting and relaxing at her favorite spot. Sometimes, she sleeps there at nights for several hours, afterwhich she will come closer to sleep with Mommy. :

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They're so beautiful - no wonder you like photographing them!
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