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Sunshine fractured her leg! Vibes needed please

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Get Well Soon vibes are needed for Sunshine please!

The silly girl leaped onto the couch while we were watching TV, leapt off and landed badly with one leg on a chair and the rest of the dog on the floor.

She immediately started shrieking and held her left hind leg high off the floor. Gosh, her screaming is a sound I won't readily forget.

We carried her and rushed her to the vet's where they found two clean fractures. She was put in a splint and will be referred to see a bone specialist possibly this Saturday. Apparently there are three options: 1. Cast 2. Continue with splint 3. Surgery.

(Since its a clean break, if the bone specialist dares to even suggest surgery for no good reason, I will smack him and never go back there again.)

Anyway, Sunshine will need strict rest till she recovers. So that's two whole months of not being able to play with Scrappy or run around at all. Oh the poor poor dear...
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OMG that sounds pretty painful. that there is only good news from next Dr. appt. I know how hard it is to keep them resting. Keep us updated. Give Sunshine big hugs.
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Lots of good wishes for Sunshine's speedy recovery. The hardest part will be making sure she rests. :-)
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On no....that must have hurt.
Sending vibes that Sunshine's breaks heal quickly.
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Bless her heart!
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Poor Baby quick healing vibes for Sunshine
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adding lots more healing for the precious girl. what a tragedy that she can't play with her buddy scrappy for so long.
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Thanks for the love and vibes for Sunshine, everyone. She had a follow-up visit to the vet, who put a cast on her fractured leg and kept her overnight to see if there was any swelling.

She's back at the rescue centre now, looking lots more comfortable because the cast is a lot firmer and provides more protection than the splint. I have a new picture I'm going to put up in Pet Pics (thread called Sunshine & Scrappy).
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