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New kitten questions

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I was wondering if a kitten could get sick from having too many shots. My breeder was not returning emails or calls, and I didn't know if she was finished her shot sets so I finally brought her in to have them done. The very next day her vet records and pedigree showed up. I had said no to the wormer, but she got her first normal round of shots. Apparently she had 3 shots previously - rhino, calci, panleuko, and pneum, in each shot, plus rabies at 4 months.

She had pyrantel at 8 and 12 weeks as well. Should I be redoing a wormer if she is completely indoors?
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Oh yeah, and he recommended tresaderm for her ears. She has a little dark brown wax but not a lot. I had seen another vet, who prescribed 2 does of Revolution to clean up any mites. Her next dose of revolution is next week. I feel bad though, she seemed so lethargic after her shots, I hate to overmedicate her. Poor little thing is full of shots.

So now she has had 4 shots for the basics, 1 rabies shot, 1 dose of Revolution and tresaderm twice a day in her ears.

Next week I am supposed to use the second tube of Revolution.
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I can't answer your question but I wanted to say that your little kitten is a beautiful girl!
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Ah, you have a "goth" kitty, too! Black eye shadow, black lipstick!
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She is a beauty!! I sure hope she gets to feeling much better soon
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Any update? How's her health now? She's a beauty.
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She had a bit of a swollen tummy for a few days, and was whiny if I picked her up or prodded her stomach. But I watched her bathroom habits and eating, and she was fine. After 30 hours she was back to full kitten mobility. Right now she is exploring the bookshelf as she knows that her feather toy is on the top shelf.
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She sure is a great looking cat.
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