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best toys?

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I just got a new cat, wild cat. Probably 5 to 8 weeks old.

I wanna get him some toys tommorow, I'm just wondering
seeing how I've never had a cat before what kind of toys
to get. Do they favour ones over others.

What toys does everyone elses cat really like.
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Harley loves to chase jingle balls across the house like a lunatic. She swats at them with her paw to get one moving and then goes into a chasing frenzy. She also likes this wand toy I have, though once she gets a hold of the end of it (it has feathers on the end), she doesn't always want to let go.

She also likes the fuzzy catnip mice, but they have to be small, otherwise she seems intimidated by them. And then I have a home-made cat toy that seems to be a hit - I had an old raccoon tail that was a keychain. I put a jingle bell on the key ring and tied a shoelace to it. If you drag it across the floor, it's usually irresistable.

All cats are individuals, though; try a few things and see if anything catches your kittens' interest.
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they all like different things! Cable prefers toys that 'skitter', Java likes things w/rabbit fur on them, Chip is fond of anything w/catnip, Pixel likes soft balls, & Firefox likes the sparkle balls.
they all like Da Bird & the Cat Dancer, tho.
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my cat likes the wand toy with ribbons, bell, and fur... he also seems to like tiny mice that rattle and have a bell on them. He's not fazed at all with catnip toys... couldn't care less. Just get a variety pack of something and see what your kitty is interested in!

Good luck!!
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A laser pen light! Just make sure you never shine it in the cat's eyes.
My cats both love chasing the light around the floor, and Persi thinks
he can jump up to the ceiling when I shine it up there!
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Thats what worked for us as well--the variety pack! We definitely have some toys that don't get played with--I guess I could donate to the local humane society.

Jack's favorite are soft balls or anything he can carry--he likes to play fetch...for hours.

Harley prefers the toys I've made, some mice and just like 2 inch squares with catnip in them. I used old wool scarves to make them. He's not real big on playing--Jack doesn't let him play with a whole lot....sad but true.

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