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We're hoping to adopt a kitty soon, and I've been busy kitty proofing our apartment. We brought out spearmint plant in for the winter (yaay fresh mint in tea all year round ), and it's currently sitting on the floor near the sliding window onto our balcony.

I haven't found mint on any lists of plants that are poisonous for cats, but I'm wondering if the cat would eat it? We really can't spray any bitter apple stuff on it, since we use it in our tea and in cooking. The spider plants are occupying the only high place in the apartment, on top of the bookshelf, and there's really no where else to put it out of reach of any future kitties.

Anyone have a mint plant at home?
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Your cat might eat it since it's a close relative of cat nip! To the best of my limited knowledge it's not poisonous though I read something the other day that said that due to the large varieties of hybrids and variants some plants that are considered safe may not be.
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I did come across that when I googled "cat and mint." I suppose I'll have to see if I can shuffle the plants on the top of the bookshelf around to make room for the mint plant. I don't think it would endeer the husband to the cat if the cat ate his mint. It was hard enough convincing him to get a cat as it is.
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I am pretty sure it is safe.My mom and other ppl in the family put mint around the Christmas tree to keep the cats away and there were never any problems.
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