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We Are Back

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Hello everyone. I have returned from vacation. I didn't go anywhere just stayed home. Jake is bigger now. I went to the vet to have his second round of distemper shots and discovered that he is really four months old now. Not two as I thought. He is 3.7 pounds. He lost his kitten coat and I can see new fur growing. It will be almost time for him to get neutered. I would like to get it over with so that I don't have to worry about it anymore. I am glad to be back. I like this site. But I wish that there were other forums such as one for dog lovers. I don't have a dog but I love them and plan on getting a couple when I have a house of my own. I would also like a forum for parents, especially single and divorced like me.

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Hi Nena10
Yep, this is by far the BEST site out there!
But there are tons of other sites with forums on Dogs, Kids, Single Parents, Birds, Fish, even "Bug Enthusiasts"!:LOL:
If poor Anne covered all that, she'd have to chanege the name to The Cat,Dog,Kid,Single Parent,Bird,Fish,CreepyCrawly Site or maybe just TCDKSPBFCCS , either way it'd be a handful! :laughing2 (and mouthful too)

Hope you had a nice vacation, see ya soon,

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Welcome back!! I am sure you are well rested and ready for all kinds of fund stuff!!
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Welcome back Nena

although we may not have a Forum for Dogs or Divorced persons, you can
feel free to post and talk about any of those things relevant to you and
your life here in the Cat Lounge, it is not just a place for Cat discussions.

it is also a place to get to know each other better.

Glad to have you back
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