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Gotta Show off my Scamper-Bear!

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I hope ya'll don't mind if I show you a few pictures of my Pride and Joy! Her name is Scamper, but I call her "Scamper-Bear", "Purr-Bear", "Angel Bear", and my mom calls her our little "Shrimp Scampie" (cause we also call her Scampie) She's about 8 years old and is a total lap kitty! I have WAY TOO MANY pictures of her, so I had to restrain myself from posting them ALL! heehee

She's a Princess

Where she sites whenever I'm on the computer... she sits ON the computer!

Scamper just staring at me.

Stretched out by the fire
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Scamper is Beautiful!!
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heehee thank you! She's my sweet little girl Always greets me when I come home and ALWAYS know when I'm upset bc she'll follow me around... sometimes, if I shut my door when I go to bed at night, she'll sit outside my room and meow pitifully until I let her in to snuggle. She gets under my arm right up against my chest... I love my snuggle bug OH! She also will reach out and gently paw at my face until I pet her...

Like this
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She is so cute and sounds like one awesome cat! We can never get enough pics of peoples kitties trust me!

"shrimp scampie" it!
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She is beautiful!and she has such pretty eyes
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What a beauty! Believe me, you'll never hear anyone around here complain about too many pictures!
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Never apologize for showing us pics of your sweetie. She's lovely , and we can't get enough of pictures of kitties.
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What a sweet and pretty cat!
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Very pretty cat!!
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Aww, look at her pretty little face! She looks like a real character
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awww she is so gorgeous! i love the one where she is streached out infrot of the fire
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She's a ditz. She likes to get in my bath tub JUST TO CHASE HER TAIL! I'll be washing my face or something and she'll come in, jump into the tub, and I stop what I'm doing, sit on the sink and watch her entertainment for about 15 minutes. It's funny bc when she catches her tail, she just licks it, then lets go and runs around again.

I need to post up the video I have of her doing that!
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