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Your Craziest Cat Story!

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When I first got Meeka, I must say I didnt really kitty-proof the house. I had the cable guy coming and I removed one of the plates for the cable. Later, I searched and searched for her. Long story short, she ended up going into the hole in the wall and climbing to the top. I had to rip out the drywall between the studs at the top of the wall (I have 10ft ceilings too) just to get her out. It was funny explaining that to the cable guy (and wifey)!
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The cable guy came to my apartment when I was living in the city. Duke was of course rubbing against him and getting under foot. I had to lock him in the bedroom so the guy could finnish.
Sibohan was nowhere to be found so when the Cable guy left I started looking, bathroom,
under bed,
under couch,
on kitchen chairs,
in kitchen cabinets,
I mean everywhere I can think of.... no cat.... I call for her.... no response except for Duke.
I am about to call the cable company to see if The guy with his big box of cable ended up with a cat in his box. But I sit for a minute trying to think if I have checked everywhere.

Then I look up.

There is Sibohan sitting on top of the high cabinets in the kitchen.... sleeping!
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
There is Sibohan sitting on top of the high cabinets in the kitchen.... sleeping!
It is a cat's instinct to seek a high place in the face of percieved danger. In the wild, many enemies can't climb trees.
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Fred liked to chase squirrels, and was used to chasing small southern squirrels. We moved to Missouri, and I watched Fred run out to chase a squirrel that looked bigger than usual. He got right up to the squirrel, and it stood up, turned around and hissed at him. Poor Fred didn't know what to do. Side by side, the squirrel was as big as he was, and not a bit afraid of him. He ran away, and as far as I know, never chased another squirrel.
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Several years ago Lilly-Rose ran into the house with a bird in her mouth. There was much screaming and yelling as she headed for under the bed. Finally got the bird out, safely. Lilly-Rose was pissed.

About a week later, Chandler Ray came, sort of running (he's a very, very large boy), but ended up dropping the bird downstairs and, again, it got away safely. Chandler Ray is not the most graceful cat, so, being curious, I went looking how he managed to catch a bird. My neighbor had put out a bird feeder, but it was very low on the tree. I told her about the cats catching the birds, and she moved the feeder much higher. No more birds in the house!
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I've only had Trixie (my two month old Siamese) for a week and I've been at school most of that time, but something kind of funny happened Wednesday morning.
I went to bed Tuesday night with Trixie biting at my toes. It hurt a lot which surprised me considering how small she is. I finally hid my toes under a blanket and she calmed down. We fell asleep around midnight.
At about 4 o'clock in the morning I woke up to something biting my toes. Hard! I gasped and kicked out of instinct. Trixie flew across the room and landed a few feet away from my bed. I almost cried 'cause I felt sorry for her, but she was absolutely fine. She jumped back up on my bed and I gave her lots of hugs and kisses! It amazes me, the energy she has ALL THE TIME! Its like she has a never ending supply of energy! I'm sure with a kitty like her I'll have lots of interesting things to post!
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My Missy was deaf, one night after a family party I couldn't find her
I was scared to death that she had gotten outside , it was dark. I walked all over looking for her ( couldn't call her). I was bawling and terrified. After about an hour I called everyone to see if they knew anything. My youngest grandson knew exactly where she was, he had locked her in her carrier in the coat closet She was happy as a clam all snuggled in her blanket and quite annoyed that I disturbed her
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When I was little, we had a cat named Kiki. One night, during the Christmas season, during dinner time we heard a loud noise in the living room and then we heard kiki in distress. He had climbed up the tree and gotten tangled in the Christmas tree lights. when we found him he was hanging from the center of the tree by his hind feet...he never went up a christmas tree again.
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I adopted Rocky and Oliver shortly after I moved into my apartment. In my bedroom closet, there is a hole in the drywall that offers access to the bathroom plumbing. Maintenance had placed a board over it before I moved in but had forgotten to nail the board to the drywall. The first night I had the boys, Rocky decided to move that board aside and crawl into the hole. When I couldn't find him, I searched everywhere and panicked! I went into the bathroom and heard meowing but didn't see him. I checked the closet, moved the board, and saw him hiding in the plumbing! He refused to come out till I opened a can of tuna.

Needless to say, I called maintenance and had them nail the board down so he wouldn't pull that stunt again.
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