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Californians lets meet!

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The Renasaince Faire will be coming this summer to Casa Del Fruita (?)
I can post a map later I thought it would be a fun way to meet! Let me know what you think?!?!? Maybe there is another meeting place you would like? From what I have seen we mostly live in the Bay Area so lets pick a place and date! Anyone interested?
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Hi Dragonlady! I'm in the Bay Area too. Nice idea to meet up -- how about at a cat show? Is there one coming around soon?
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I'm down in Monterey now but still work in San Francisco. I'd love to meet up somewhere. A cat show would be great since I've never been to one, but I also am for the Faire idea too (any reason to dress up and I'm there! I haven't been to one in a few years, but I'm interested in the details Dragonlady whether or not it ends up being the chosen meeting place)!
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Oh yes, i would love to meet up.. for Sunday tea, or brunch or something or anything... teehee! Just to hang and meet!!

Could we bring our kitties?

Smiles and Cheers!
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Hmmm not sure where we could go and bring the kitties, but, we could bring photo albums!

Any others want to meet? Anyone vacationing in CA this summer???

I don't show my kitties, so I'm not sure if there is a show this summer.
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Yes, meeting at a cat show sounds like the most viable plan.

Keep me posted.

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That sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived closer! I would love to meet the Iowans here, but there are only 3 that I can think of...me, Fireshoes and Barb (Jugen) Maybe us three can hook up somday...that would be great!!!!!
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Ummmmm.... why don't all you Northern California's come down south....
(it's closer to me!!)

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Maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle ... looking at the map ... I guess that would be Fresno!
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Anne and I share a dream of having a TCS Convention somewhere in the middle of the United States and having everyone there for a 3 day extravaganza! With educational seminars, guest speakers etc.. I keep buying lottery tickets and keep hoping!
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I would love to go to a TCS meeting!!!!!!
So, here is my idea: Reagan and Gorbatchow met in ReykjavÃ:censor:k, Iceland, and had a good meeting. So, aparently it´s a good place to meet! I have also meet a lot of people there!!! So, why not meet there??? It´s such a lovely place!
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Hissy...that would be so awesome! I've always wanted to meet everyone on here! I'm sure ya'll are a sweet and charming in person as ya'll are on here!
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Is there anyone from Michigan on this board? I am new here, and so far haven't seen anyone from my area. Just curious. The idea of meeting everyone sounds good. I can't believe all the people from all the different states and countries. That rules!!!

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Fresno sounds good to me. Anyone have a time or date in mind?? We could bring kids and have a pot luck pic-nic or something similar. Anyone else have suggestions?
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This is the first day of summer! It is also a Saturday so we won't be too wiped out by Monday I will find a park in Fresno, unless we would like to go farther north and invite Hissy to come down and visit! Any of our other neighbors are also welcome to join the party! I will bring soda's to drink, and hot dogs for the grill. What can you bring?
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Oh, Fresno will be a tad too far for me. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Have a great time guys! Don't change the location on my behalf. I am saving my extra dough for a writers convention in October, so anything I have goes for that trip (it is in Texas) Have a wonderful meet and we want stories and pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby when I get my license back ( and get my seizures under control) I'd love to meet you guys somewhere! just gotta give my until next year so I can get my license back to do it! then I'm game! How about you fireshoes? I think Aurora lives in the Ill area but we can include her if she wants too!
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I'm anxious to meet you all! *Begins to count down the calander*
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I am absolutely jelouse!!!
And to think I will already be in Boston on June 21st!!!
So close - and yet so far...

have loads of fun, and HISSY - I can't wait until yours and Anne's dream come true in the shape of a big seminar for everyone!!!
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This Park is great As the heat has set in I figured farther north may be better. This park is in the Concord area and great for those of us who have kids. There is a duck pond and an amusment park there for younger kids.

Lets make this a great pic-nic/pot luck! I look forward to seeing you there!
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Ah geez! Couldn't you make it next weekend? I'll be in Concord to move my sister to her new home (her FIRST home!!!! Yay!).

Maybe Lheeza and I can have a So-Cal meeting. LOL
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Cool you can use your sister as an excuse to come! Bring her along too!

The Bart station isn't too far from the park and we could ferry 6 folks at a time from there to the park.

I'm really hoping to meet you all. We have a digital camera and will be taking lots of photos to post here after the pic-nic!

Don't forget to mark your calanders and request that weekend off!

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Bump! *begins packing photo albums of kitties*
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I will be bringing the soda so I need to know who is coming? I will have little Frankie with me cuz I am still dropper feeding him to make sure he gets enough to eat.

Who is coming and what can you bring?
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I'm going to try to come, but I highly doubt I'll be able to so don't count me in (we're going to TX the weekend after so I think our vehicle may be in the shop for a tune-up).
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Wow make sure the radiator is in tip top shape cuz it's HOT there! I hope you can make it as I would love to meet more people from here!
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My mom organized an entire get together for 15+ friends of hers from all over the U.S. to meet together for 3 days. I went and it was an absolute BLAST!!! It was in the Mountains in Georgia and there were cabins. The boys had their side and the ladies had theres. To rent the cabin for the weekend it was a flat rate, and everyone paid their share of that rate and then we made up 'teams' that took turns cooking. At night we popped popcorn over the fire and roasted marshmellows and told stories, and one guy played the guitar.

Some people carpooled (we carpooled with two people who lived near us and it cut down on gas cost for us! We drove from Texas to Georgia).

Maybe one day we could manage something like this for us. Some people flew in, and if someone really wanted to come and lived far away and had to fly.. we all pitched in and helped that person pay for the ticket. It took a while for everyone to get up money to travel and such, but once we met it was sooooo much FUN!!!
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