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What you think of this cat bed?

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the only problem with that bed is the stitching comes out really easily. Next thing you know, you have these white fluffballs all over the place. Thats why the liquidation, i guess.
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Just a thought, if this is for your kitties it's gonna look really dirty really quickly. I made the mistake of getting a cream colored bed and my three black cats have it looking gray...icky.

But I think its a cute novelty! If you like girly pinky stuff.
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I thought it was cute and ordered it last night.
I have 2 black and white cats also and a Russian blue mix that is all blue and Meeko a tabby.
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i do have to say that the black and white kitties are gonna look absolutely adorable in it though. Where in the house are you gonna put it? It looks kinda big?
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I think it's cute. If we didn't have too many cat beds already I would totally order one for Lola. She's my princess.
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The bed is going in the bedroom where all the cats are at night and when we are not home.
Here are some pics of the cats in the new bed I got a few weeks ago.

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Its cute, but one of the most unique ones we've seen (they are pricey at $30 a bed) are the ones that are big and shaped like a fish. We were thinking of getting a spotted one that matched Charlie.

But we have 3 beds in the house now and none of them are used. Charlie used to use the spotted bed when he was smaller, but likes our bed more.
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All my cats love the bed I have in the picture.
Coco and Sasha are in it right now.
The fish bed sounds nice.
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I can't believe all your cats sleep together like that! My cats hate each other and sleep on opposite sides of the room. The only time my cats acknowledge each other is when they slap each other on their faces.
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I can't believe they all sit together like that either! Thats so cool! But from the looks of it you need another bed. Cute cute kitties!!
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The cats on top are Coco and Meeko.
The pic below that is Coco,Sasha and Oreo Cookie.
Meeko lived downstairs with my brother in my dads house and Coco lived upstairs.
When I took them to live with me they did not know each other.
Coco had to stay behind because she had her kittens on moving day.
Meeko hated Coco at first but when Meeko went in labor with Yoshi she demanded Coco be with her.
Ever since then they have been great friends.
Coco accepts new cats the first day we get them.
The prob is they try to nurse on Coco when we get them.
I have to pry them off her.
I am getting a new kitten next month and do not know how Oreo will react.
Sasha will hiss but that is it.
The others do not care.
My brother has so many problems with his cats.
They have to be locked in another room.
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That bed is ADORABLE! Trixie is only a few months old but I want her to be a pretty girl with stuff like that. Then again, that's kind of impossible at the moment, gassy as she is. Farting is for boys! But its okay. She's still my baby!
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