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What if it's Allergic Bronchitis?

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On Monday I saw a nursepractitioner who told me I have viral bronchitis. Over the last couple of days I've been thinking what if it is Allergic Bronchitis? I can't get rid of any of my babies; Levi was abused as a kitten & is terrified of men, Jordan has special health needs, Isaac took 3 years to bond to me & giving him up at this point would devestate him, and Maggie well I've known her since the moment she was born. I guess it could also have to do with where I work. Sad to say, but I would much rather have to find a new job than give up even one of my babies.
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I'm allergic to cats and can be prone to bronchitis myself. There are coping mechanisms to get along. Do you take any allergy meds, etc?
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In the past when my allergies were worse I took allergy meds consistantly, but I'll be honest I haven't been lately. I have been allergice to cats for a long time & frankly the allergy seems to be getting better. I think I'm worried today because I spent a lot of time on our shop floor this morning (I work for a foundry) and I'm coughing more than I have in about 3 days. Luckily for me I am in the process of getting my masters in Community Counseling so I wasn't planning on staying here long term, but I'm not really ready to get another job yet.
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I am allergic to cats also and the dr told me to get rid of them in 1987 and I refused.
I have bad asthma also and used to take allergy shots.
Hey even Coco my cat has asthma.
I have more cats now then i did when the dr told me to get rid of them.
You should see when I get clawed how big the hives are.
I also get bronchitis alot also.
I have meds also but i have not been taking them except for my inhaler.
I would not give up the cats either.
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I should have written down what a nurse advised me years ago.
In the spring for several years I would get a cold and a sinus infection. Sometimes an ear infection too. I would take OTC cold meds, sudafed etc. Many times my "head cold" would travel down into the lungs and I would get bronchitis. This happened about 3-5 years in a row. Once at a doc appt the nurse mentioned something about the OTC stuff that I was taking and the progression of what I was taking could be causing my bronchitis. I wish I paid more attention at the time though to her exact words. I remember her or the doc talking about chronic bronchitis too.

I haven't changed anything but this series of events haven't occured for several years now. Thank goodness. Even though I have mild fall allergies the spring never seemed too bad.
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Actually she told me not to take allergy meds until this was gone because it could be drying my lungs out and making the irritation worse.
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Well I had a huge set back last night. I laid down in bed & had a huge coughing fit. My voice is back to the way it was on Monday. I may have to go see a doctor now. I think I'll waiting until Monday with the hope that resting this weekend & being able to take more of the cough suppresant pills will help relieve some of my symptoms. If I'm not feeling at least a little better by Monday I will make the call.
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I'm next door in SE MN. It could be that the weather is making your symptoms worse. Having these dramatic temperature changes between warm and cold so rapidly just isn't healthy, in my opinion.
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