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Playful Kitty

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Sometimes I play with my kitty by calling her, and hiding behind a wall, jumping out and scaring her. Its really entertaining. Yesterday, I was sitting out on the sofa when she kept crying/ wailing in the room; I thought "Oh, she must be yelling at the kids across the street again", nothing happened for a couple of minutes. All of a sudden, she starts playing with the blinds (which is a big "no-no") and I came rushing in the room only to find her hiding behind the sofa, jumping out waving her paws trying to scare me. Its was all her way of getting back at me!
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How cute! I had a cat who liked to play follow the leader (him of course). If I wasn't fast enough, he would stop and look back to make sure I was following!
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awwwww dont cats do the strangest things haha
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lol that is just to cute, look at what your teaching him!
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I personally loved it when I didn't respond to her cries; she knew as soon as the blinds were played with i'd come storming in. Silly Kitty
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Haha!! I love it....

Our Diego loooves to play hide-n-seek!!!
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Punkin like to "mug" us. When we leave the bedroom, he'll run to the other end of the living room, hide behind the easy chair, and jump out at us when we come by. Then we roll him over and rub his tummy. Sometimes they're so silly!
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