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The most dreadful thing

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This is some very hard piece of news to read.

Some people broke into an Animal Shelter in the middle of the night, in one of the big cities, and released Rotweiler dogs in the Cats area.
Doezns of cats were brutally killed and were found the next day. About 11 survived the attackes, injured, and dozens disappeared.

I am crying while writing this, I still can't blieve it actually happened.
The animal shelter did not have enough money to have security there, and this is the result. They still don't have any clues as to who it was that did this. I hope they find them, so we can all see some justice done.

I am totally shocked and ashamed of my fellow human beings.

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Oh that is awful! Why would anyone do such a terrible thing! The sooner they catch this person the better!
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People are MESSED UP. (Why I'm so upset and negative all the time eh?)
I hope whoever did this is found, and brutally killed.
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That was a downright evil act!
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How very sad..... Those poor babies....
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That is so sick. It's a shame the Rottweilers didn't take a few chunks out of whoever did that. Last year some psycho actually set fire to an animal shelter in Danzig, Poland.
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That is both sick and horrifying! I can't believe that someone with a beating heart could be so cruel.

Believe me, what goes around comes around and they will have their day.

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Cruelty towards animals is something I simply cannot understand!!!
Its like hurting kids (and God knows we have those sickos too).

Hurting defenceless animals like that always make me sick.
Thanks for letting me share this. I wish I always had good news to share and not bad - but as you can see, bad things happen too.

If this planet didn't have any people on it, it would probably thrive! I'm so dissapointed...

Im going to follow the details of this investigation, to make sure the authorities doesn't let it slide (that can happen to, as we all know).
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About 5 years ago, some teenagers here who fancied themselves to be vampires broke into the animal shelter and mutilated and killed several puppies. Less than a month later they drove down to Florida and brutally murdered the parents of the leader's girlfriend.

The link between animal maltreatment and psychopathy (evilness) is abundantly clear. The only thing that keeps me sane when hearing about stuff like this is my belief that what they have done to these animals will come back to haunt them. Karma will cause them to suffer as much as did the four-legged and two-legged animals they harmed.

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Since this thread is about cats in need of help, I felt it was more suitable in the Cats S.O.S forum.

It's terribly sad that someone would do this to these poor helpless animals. I do hope that they catch those who did this and throw the book at em'.
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Nunny, did they let all the cats out of their cages before releasing the Rotweilers? Otherwise I wonder how or why the dogs broke into the cages. Most often dogs like to chase cats. They must have been vicious to break all those cages apart! And if they were not to be trusted, would they be in the shelter? Just thinking out loud. If the writer of the story is right, it is indeed a horrible tragedy!
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OMG, that is so awful! I feel so ashamed of some of my fellow human beings . . . if you can even call someone who does something like that human . . . demon would be more appropriate. That makes me so mad!

Those poor, poor fur-babies! I just can't believe that!
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People who do this worry, me not only because of the death they cause to the innocent animals, but also because they may one day take out there sadism on innocent people.
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Well, Jeanie, as the stories unfolds, this tragedy seems more and more horrible.
What these hulligans did was to release ALL the dogs - not just the Rotweilers into the main open hall, so there were many many dogs there. Then, they release all the cats into that same hall, and closed the gate behind them, pushing the dogs into attacking the cats, that had no where to run.

there is no doubt that a very serious crime has been commited here, and they are still looking for those monsters that did that.
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I agree, meezermobile, as said here before - those who treat animals in such manner, have no boundries, and they are capable of doing horrible things to human beings as well.

But hurting defensless creaturs like that, turning dogs against cats - that simply takes a heart of stone.
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Nunny, it's worse than hard heartedness! These sadists take joy in seeing suffering. I have no doubt they laughed as they heard the suffering going on! They are sadistic monsters. You know, as lotsocats noted, this kind of person is the kind that graduates into serial murder of human beings. They love the control and suffering they can cause. It makes them feel powerful. Please, Lord, let them be caught and incarcerated!! This is too painful to think of.
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I hate humans. I really hope they catch these people and put them under the jail.

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