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I miss my old cat...

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Yes, I knew this was a possibility, and yes I was prepared for it, but I still wish I had my innocent boy back for just a while.

Tsekani is in full on male mode now!

He still likes to be cuddled and purrs up a storm when I carry him around, but he prefers to stalk the house and sniff. He's searching for something he just doesn't understand yet. Anywhere that my altered male frequents is of much importance and if I don't watch him like a hawk, he'll pee on that spot. He is contained when I don't have him under close supervision and I just feel like busting him loose, but I know I can't.

After Halloween weekend I got really sick, and I didn't follow up on my plans to find stud pants. I'd feel better about letting him wander the house if he had those on I think. It's just amazing how powerful even a tiny bit of his pee is.

I bring him out in the evening and play with him. He'll chase the mouse for a few minutes, but then he'll get distracted again and pace the house chirruping.

Anyway, I have been reading a lot and some people say that his behaviour will even out over time. He is 1.5 as of October 17 and has just started to develop jowls and this new attitude.

This isn't a really serious post, mostly just a lament on the fact that my little boy has grown up.
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Awww that's the problem dealing with breeding cats. If you are really lucky, you get a male that doesn't spray and is not hyper about finding females 24/7 and actually acts like a baby boy instead of macho boy....and still knows what to do when the girl is in heat

Have you tried or considered getting him to wear the stud pants while he's out to help stop him from marking?
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We found with Niles that he can't be around any other cats--at all. He has his triggers that will set him off into full on "male mode." He sprayed up a storm at my house, because we have so many things that make him feel like telling the world he's a boy. Niles lives with my brother at his apartment, and he is an only cat. He really does not spray there at all--just in his litterbox, which has a high back to prevent leakage.

Perhaps if you seperate Sonhi from you neutered guy, the spraying might lighten up a bit. Until you get some stud pants, it might be worth a try.
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Yeah, I had to put Tsekani downstairs into a large enclosure because his yowling was keeping me up all night. And I didn't do this lightly.. I work, and was not getting enough sleep to manage, actually that's probably why I got so sick last week. I always get sick when I am sleep deprived. My hope was to have him in the living room. Either in this house, or in my new house, I am going to renovate a full room into a cat space, just need to wait until the end of November to see how the deal works out.

We are off to a cat show this weekend, so I will look for stud pants there.
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On my way to the cat show tomorrow I am going to buy one of those uptown dog kennels, Ferriscat. (I think it was you that posted them) They are available at a Petsmart an hour from my place. That will be better than the enclosure I have made because it will be tall enough to fit in his cat climber. At the cat show I'll buy stud pants, so after this weekend I'll feel better about his free time and his time in the enclosure.
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I'll try to take pictures of Afacan's so that I can show you how I maximized his vertical space.
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Thanks, I figured i'd look for a good hammock while I'm at Petsmart. He loves his donut bed but doesn't like to go under covers at all, not sure if he'll like a really squishy hammock. He does go up his cat climber at mach 10 though.
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