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Daily Thread Nov 6th

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Morning All!!!

Looks like I am the first to get here this morning.

I am having kind of a crappy morning, woke up about 2 A.M. sick to my stomach and with terrible cramps.

I am thinking food poisoning since I did eat at a couple different places when I was out of town yesterday. I am sitting here with a big glass of flat ginger ale hoping that will settle my stomach a bit, so far I haven't had much luck keeping anything down.

So I guess that means pretty much down time for me today, in fact I am thinking of laying back down very soon.

The kitties of coarse are wondering what's up and following back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom all night.

Hope everyone has a good day
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Eeewwww. Drinking defizzed regular Coca Cola might help a bit too.

Worked this morning for my thursday client-only one or two times left most likely!

Then stop at bank and grocery store and came out to lots of wind and rain.

It did stop raining but more is on the way. The big weather front from the Dakota's is coming with rain/snow mix predicted for tomorrow night.

So just reading and I took a brief nap! Might have the comfort foods meatloaf, mashed potatoes and other veg for dinner tonite.
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It's SNOWING My son is going to be so happy. when I pick him up from school. My daughter and I have already made snowmen. Alright they are baby snowmen . But we had a lot of fun .
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Evening Everyone

It's been a rainy day here today!
This morning, I woke up and cleaned up the house for a few hours. After that I did some indoor drills with the dogs for a bit since it was rainy outside.

For dinner DH and his partner took a break from work and came to eat with me. I made beef stew in the crock pot

After dinner I went to Yoga class. It was great!
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