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Orange kitty, a happy ending:)

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Hello everyone:

I want to tell you a little story. I posted here some months ago about a cute orange kitten that I found. he is the sweetest most loving cat in the world. It turned out to be the neighbor's cat. When I found out the kitty was theirs I brought it home to their little girl and they didn't even say thank you. They kept him that weekend and then he spent the whole week here in our home. And that is what kept happening, the kitten spent the week here and on the weekends the little girl came to pick him up.

One day I saw the kitten has been infected with mange, and I got worried because I don't want my kitties to get it and I felt sorry for the little guy, so I took the kitty to the owners and told them he had mange and he needed medical treatment, of course they didn't care. So, I had to "kidnap " the kitten, take him to the vet and got him treatment for mange. he got better and looked gorgeous.

The kitten also looked nervous and kept sucking everything, our clothes, the cat beds, everything. But after we started taking care of him and giving him love, it stopped. He started relaxing and playing.

That is when I decided i had to find a home for this kitty, I fought this thought a lot, because he did have "owners", but he was on the streets and I was the only one taking care of him. So I did it, I dound a wonderful home for him !!! I feel great about it. And the "owners" haven't even asked for the kitten, they think he dissapeared and they don't even care.

The kitten is so happy in his new home and his new Mommy and Daddy adore him! he is behaving wonderfully and he is indoors now, safe and happy

Here is the cute boy

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What a beautiful kitteh! His original "family" was crazy not to keep him all to themselves.
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Isn't he a handsome little boy!!!

Yes your right he did have a family, but you were even more right in your decision to kidnap him as well because of the condition he was in and how they weren't looking after him I would have done exactly the same if i was in your shoes.

I'm so pleased he now has a loving family who knows how he should be looked after

I hope that family don't get another animal again
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Your awesome! Your like a one woman rescue league! Thats so wonderful that this kitty is happy and safe.
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He`s beautiful! You did a great job
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You did the right thing!
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he is adorable! i agree you did the right thing
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you absolutely did the right thing! thanks to you that handsome little fella is now having the time of his life, you are a star!
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You absolutely did the right thing. He is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad he has a loving home now.
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What a beautiful cat! And what a beautiful thing you did for him!
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such a cutie...ood for you for finding him a home the original owners were crazy to not have loved and cherished such a sweet cat!He was sure lucky to have crossed your path!
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Thank you all so much! I felt it was the right thing to do, the poor baby would be covered in mange now or he could be dead and he deserves better than that. My Mom was a little nervous at first , she didn't want to have a problem with the neighbors, but they don't care about the kitty, so everything is fine now and she knows I made the right decision. It is their loss, I would have loved to have a wonderful kitty like that.
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He is beautiful!! You did a great job....I would do the same thing.
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You are a hero....
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What a gorgeous boy! Thank you for looking out for his welfare like you did and having the guts to actually go and "catnap" him in order to give him a chance at life. I've done similar and I have absolutely no regrets for having done it and I would do it again in a heart beat. I think it's our job and responsibility in life to look after and provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and that includes animals.

Yay for you! I'd give you a huge hug if you were next to me!
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Oh my goodness! what a sweetheart!
I'm so glad you took care of this little boy when it was obvious his owners weren't. He's lucky to have found you.
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You always have such great stories about the kitties you rescue, and they always come with beautiful photos. I admire everything you do for these cats. He is so pretty!

I am so glad you kidnapped their kitty!
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Thank you all for your sweet words. I think we have a responsibility with animals, God gave them to us for a reason and we have to take good care of them. I love doing that and I hope I can continue doing it. It makes me so happy knowing the kitties are happy. When I moved here I only had a doggie, my 13 year old keeshond Roger, sadly he passed away and them I found Lucas and they kept coming and now I have 5. They have changed my life, I'm so glad I moved here and I have them in my life. I only planned on keping three: Fuzzy, Lucas and Princess, but nobody wanted Oreo and Baddy, so they are my forever babies now.

Every kitten that I have adopted out is still in my mind and in my heart, I still love them all: SofĂ­a, Zachary, Timmy, Scratchy, Stormy, Tornado, Flaquito, Chiki, Pepin and Orange kitty.
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I would have stolen him in a minute

You are an for helping him out!
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What a beautiful boy. I'm glad he has a forever home with caring parents.
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He is so cute! I hope you don't mind my using his pic for my wallpaper.
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Thank you all so much Of course I don't mind you used his pic as a wallpaper, that is so cool krazy kat2!

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He looks like a kitty angel sent down to earth.

I wouldn't usually agree with cat-knapping usually, but in cases such as this I agree it is a necessary, and even heroic, thing to do.

Sometimes it takes a strong person, such as yourself, to do what might not be entirely legal, but is in the end moral and ethical. I believe what you did was a great thing, and I applaud the risk you took to do it. Not to mention the dedication, love, time and effort as well.
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Good job. He deserved better than he was getting from the original owners. That's how I felt when Manny came to my house as a stray. I checked with my immediate neighbors but went no further. I felt anyone that let a 2 month old kitty out deserved to lose him. I also felt he was mine after I took him to the vet on day one as that cost a pretty penny lol. I don't think he belonged to anyone anyway as he was very dirty and had gingivitis etc.. Now he is very happy and healthy and his big teeth came in nice and white and shiny.
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Awww he is very cute! I'm so glad he met you, you're really that little boy's hero Do you still visit him?
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Awww, what a beautiful orange boy
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Thank you all I'm just happy he is safe and happy in his new home, that is all that matters to me. he deserves the best, I wish I could have kept him, but my other kitties didn't accept him and they tried to fight him all the time. But he is the sweetest kitten ever, so loving!! I can't visit him because he lives three hours away, but I know he is doing great
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