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We lost Callie...this morning...

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Callie, used to be mine and Marvin's cat, along with Stash! But whenever I
got pregant with Jace, my mom said she wanted them, so they wouldn't
take over the baby! So my last month of pregancy, I took both Callie, and Stash out to my parents house. I always said kidding around....
"They are moving from the ghetto to the country club". They were my babies,
and although I knew I would see them, that was one of the hardiest things
I ever had to do! they adjusted just fine, and they lived there for the last 13 yrs. I believe Callie was 15 yrs old, when she crossed over the bridge! She was so cool! When I was pregant, I used to walk everyday, she would walk right beside me just like a dog! Marvin taught her how to fetch a rock!
I had walked into my vets office one day and I saw her, in the corner and the clinics 2 kitties had her backed up in the corner, I asked my friend,
"who's calico?" she answered, "Yours" well she was right and I took her home!
She will be so missed she was never any trouble, and so sweet! Rest in Peace my sweet love, and hopefully Oma has found you in Heaven so you can sit in her lap. so you can once again have all that love she gave to you!!! Bye Bye Angel Kitty! Here is Callie and Jace, from awhile ago....awww!
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i'm so sorry. callie sounded like a truly wonderful cat.

RIP precious one.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl.

Rest in peace Callie.
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Awww Monique, what a precious picture that is of Callie and Jace

RIP at Rainbow Bridge you sweet girl

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Monique, I'm so sorry. Callie sounds like a very special kitty - and a kitty that was obviously VERY loved by many! I'm glad she had such a full and happy life!!

RIP, sweet Callie!

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So sorry about your cat.
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I am so sorry you lost your sweet girl.
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Thanks everyone! I can't even come to the bridge forum to offer my condolences because I stayed so sad from each story I would read! I balded
my eyes out literally because of the mere fact that I know the hurt that
comes when we all have lost someone or something so special to us!
I guess what I'm trying to say is Thanks for coming to my side when yet
I am here again, I don't know that I have earned it in other words! I do know
that I am probably over sensitive to any subject that surrounds this one,
so again thanks for the kindness! That is what makes this site
so awesome!! all of the caring, selfless, people here :heart3Monique
So blessed to have such wonderful people that keep you close all the time!
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Condolences on losing Callie - that pic was off-the-scale adorable Running swiftly over RB, Callie, and find your dear Oma
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Please aceept my sincere condolences on the loss of your dear companion.

I often find it difficult to come into this Forum and offer whatever words of comfort I might be able to find and I know how much it means when you've lost someone dear to see the responses sharing that loss. My heart is with yours.
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Iร‚ยดm so sorry...
my deep condolences...
RIP to her....
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Oh Monique, I am sorry!!

May your sweet Callie RIP
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Awwww, I am so sorry to hear this What a sweet pic RIP Sweet Callie
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