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Great Obama photos

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There's a bunch of really great photos of Obama here from over the last few months.

I really like pic 32 of his kids running to him
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Fabulous photos! I really liked 16 with his wife. I swear every picture I see those two in, like when he won last night. Those two are so in love!

#2 I had a ticket to go to that rally but I had to work that day. I was so sad!!!

I like #11 too. Must be something about rain that makes a beautiful picture!

Thanks for sharing.
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Those were really gorgeous pics - he is actually quite good looking.
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And he apparently has an excellent photographer or 20!
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Fantastic pics! Thanks so much for posting this!

I also love #32. I love this family.
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those are some good pics...thanks for sharing
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I like the Rain one, and the one with the HUGE crowd going off in the distance is great. So much focus.
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Thanks for the link. I like #32 as well. He looks like he's running down the steps too!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Thanks for the link. I like #32 as well. He looks like he's running down the steps too!
Yep! And I like how Michelle and the kids are dressed just like regular people - nothing fancy, just a mother and her kids greeting their husband and father.
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Thanks for sharing those amazing photos...
I sent the link to friends and family.
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I think I like 27 the best- that one is really cute

I like number two too- that is crazy how many people are there, looks like a sea of people lol!!! The rain picture is cool too!
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#20, with the sunglasses made me think immediately of Will Smith in one of the Men in Black movies (and McCain as Tommy Lee Jones' character makes this more appropriate... *snerk*)

Both of them are in their black suits and J (Smith) says to K (Jones, who's said something about the uniform to him).

J: The difference is that *I* make this look good.

Maybe the reference is lost in typing it, but if you've seen the movies and know that line and the characters, it fits...

I love all the pictures... incredible shots... but #20 made me laugh because of the MiB image coming to mind.

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I was at #16!
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I love photography, so I thought that was really neat. Those are some gorgeous shots. My favorite is the one of him with his wife.
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There are some really great shots in there! It's amazing to see the crowds!
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Great photos.
I had read that he was popular with children it shows in 27.
He and his wife seem to truly be in love. They look like a close knit family who is actually that way without faking it. I like the fact that with younger Presidents you get to watch their children grow up.
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