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Just wanted to say thank you to all who participated in this! Sorry no prizes in this one.
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1. disposable cat litter trys with pre-filled cat litter, they only cost $2.00 at walmart which is cheaper than buying cat litter alone and all you do is swap it out with a new one when it needs changing!

2. tall cat tree with scratching post.

3. toys: "wand" type cat toys with feathers on the end and small furry mice.
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1) Scratching post/cat tree (7' tall for 11 cats!)
2) Drinkwell fountain
3) Zoom Groom (gets rid of loose hair like no one's business!)
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my three things are:
1) cat towers (of course! LOL!)
2) a good cat food
3) plenty of things for my cats to do to keep them intertained while I am at work. (does that count?)
if not then #3 would be this site, I've learned so much here.
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Three things most often used with kitties:

1) Their kitty comforter (they don't really fit together in it, and I must tell you - they always try! they dont use the other one...)

2) Fake mice (the ones that REALLY looks like mice)

3) my sense of humor!

Hope this helps...
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WOW , some people on TCS have spoilt cats !!! Keep up the good work guys
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1) Laser pointer
2) Tall cat trees
3) Catnip toys and cat treats.
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1. Cat tree
2. Petmate Fountain - They love it!
3. Turbo Scratcher - I've had it for about 9 years now and my younger ones still love to play with this.
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1. Kittie Gym (it's about 6'9" with 5 levels and a big triangle they lay in that is dangling by a chain from an arm on the gym. THEY LOOOOVE THIS THING. Was the best $250 ever spent.

2. Drinkwell Pet Fountain. My cats absolutely hate drinking still water. They love that fountain though, the filter and running water must be the trick *wink*.

3. Honestly? My socks. They all have holes in them.. because the cats just won't stop playing with them. LOL
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