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Cat-related informal survey

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What three products would you say have been the most helpful in your life in regards to the care or health of your cat?

I will start (and yes, this is for a future research project of mine, so I would appreciate any participation)

1. turbo scratcher
2. Snugglekittie
3. Pet fountain
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Sorry, i have not used any of these products.

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none of the above.
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1. turbo scratcher
Haven't used this product, but would love to give it a try!

2. Snugglekittie
I do have this item but, haven't needed it yet! I feel better knowing it is here if I need it!

3. Pet fountain
I do have one of these, it leaked. I would like it better if it didn't leak and held more water. 7 cats go through a lot of water!

I guess the winner would have to be the snuggle kitty as I feel good about having it and feel confident it will work well when needed!
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Hmm- I guess I am having a phraseology problem today. I would like to know what YOU believe are the three most beneficial products that you use in the care and health of YOUR cat---Those top three are the ones I would choose for my life with my cats
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1. Cat Scratching Pole
2. Tricol ( VERY good cat shampoo , gets rid of all fleas , mites , bugs )

and I cant think of number three..hmmmmm
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1. the pet bed. Both know which is their bed, and they can travel because I take their little piece of home with them.

2. Spongey balls - favourite toy, will play for hours and hours with them.

3. zoom groom. The only brush to get enough hair to prevent hairballs. Sam hates it, so I have to bribe him to let me brush him. Bailey adores it, and gets jealous when I brush Sam.
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My 3 would be:

1. Scratching post (although only one of the 3 cats uses it)
2. Practice golf ball (ya know, the plastic ones with the holes in them), kitties love these coz they can get their claws into them and grip them before sending them scuttling all over the floor.
3. Old towels. Although these aren't cat accessories per se, I find that to fold an old towel up either on a chair, bed or floor acts as a magnet for kitties - there will be a big tussle to see who will get the towel and mark it as their own. I then have to place old towels all over the house so each cat has their own. When the towels get washed - the process starts again!!!

Hope that helps!
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1) Sisal scratching post

2) furry mice and crinkle balls ( look like foil)

3) Turbo scratcher ( don't know if mine is the same as yours MA- its a round plastic thing with a replacable cardboard scratching pad in the middle and a ball that rolls around the track on the outside)
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1. Kitty condo-scratching post and bird watching site all in one.

2. A really good grooming brush

3. Tinsel balls
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1) soft donut bed

2) fishing pole with mouse

3) scratching post
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Hi! I'd say:
1) cat scratching tree (and boards)
2) steam cleaner (for litterboxes, floors, furniture, etc.- no chemicals needed!)
3) pet fountain
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1. Advantage flea control 2. water fountain 3. furball remedy treats
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1)Furry mice toys
2) scissor nail clippers
3)Enclosed litter box
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1. Litterbox and litter!!!!!

2. Scratching Post/Tree

3. Water Drinking Fountain
(Nakita drinks more water after we bought the fountain)
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- Furry mice
- Feather toy
- Very large & high cat tree
- Life's Abundance cat food - NO MORE FOOD ALLERGIES!!!
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Human Baby Bunny rugs - they're soft, warm, very washable and clean second-hand ones are very easy to find for as little as $1.

Hooded cat litter tray - when your cat tries to dig to China in order to make a nice hole for their business , the hood is a Godsend!
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Your Question:

What three products would you say have been the most helpful in your life in regards to the care or health of your cat?

My Answer:

1. Grooming tools and world'sbestcatlitter

2. Computer for internet resources (i surf the net like madness, researching for kitty care and stuff.)

3. Interactive toys and a very tall tree!

Oh well. Just to make up my prior mistake... teehee~~~!! i felt that i misled everybody!! Oops!

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1. Cat Tree
2. Sparkle Balls
3. The Cat Site! (Really - I've learned more about taking care of my kitties here than I ever would have reading books)
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1. cat condo/tree/sratchpost
2. clumping litter, and box with rim
3. good cat food! keeps them healthy, waste less stinky and no diarea!
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1. clumping cat litter

2. stainless steel soup skimmer (those plastic litter scoops always break)

3. fine-toothed steel comb
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1. Petmate fountain
2. Furry mice (that have shakers inside)
3. Royal Canin Food (keeps the litterbox odor down)
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1. Frontline (for ticks & fleas)

2. Enclosed (hooded) litterbox

3. Clumping litter
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Can we answer twice? I've thought of three other extremely useful things:
1. Internet pet supply stores
2. Cat window perches that clamp/screw onto the sill - we have one in the living room and one in the kitchen, and the cat uses them constantly.
3. "Anchors" which screw into the lawn and can be used with a long lead to let the cat roam a bit outside while you supervise.
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1. KittyLoo (Water cooler)
2. SISAL - (Gotta Have It)
3. Advantage (Flea Control)

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I'd say:

1. pet fountain
2. litter box bench
3. cat tree
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I would have to say my favorite three (ok, Shorty's favorite three) cat things are:

1. the little fuzzy balls....she picks them up and plays with them...plays with you....plays all by herself

2. her little kitty condo....another where she can play all by herself or sleep in it

3. running water from anywhere! She specifically likes the bathroom, as she doesn't get into trouble for it. lol I don't think we'll be getting a decorative fountain any time soon!
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1. the scratching post, I had a hard time finding a tall sissle one that wasnt attached to a whole condo. A scratching post I would like to see is a wood one, with out the sissle on it for cats who like to scratch on wood work. I have seen them but only as part of a condo.

2. Hoots takes Glucosamine for her arthritis

3. the brush, and I still havent found a nail clipper that is easy to use.
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Leaving out things that I'm considering as necessary (food, litter, litterbox), I'd have to say:

1. - Cat tree (Spike's always on it)
2 - Platforms for windows so Spike can sit and watch the birds outside.
3 - Toys... It's harding choosing one. The Turbo Scratcher has been great... Spike loves it. He also likes chasing after the fishing pole. And furry shaker mice... and jingly balls... you get the idea.

I'd also have to agree that all the information you can find on the web about cats, especially here at TCS, has been most helpful.
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Kitty condo

Purr pads

Toys: furry mice, fabric balls, feather wand
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