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Overweight kitten?

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How can you tell if a kitten is overweight and what can you do?
My foster kittens are about 15-16 weeks old and they are all big kittens, but one of them weighs 6.7 pounds! I can feel his ribs so I don't know if he is overweight or just big? The next smallest is a female and she is 6.4 pounds but the rest are about 5 1/2 pounds or less. They run and play all night so I know they get a lot of exercise... They all share a food dish, I feed them Orijen dry food.
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I've heard that kittens really don't get overweight- they only eat as much as they need.

Maybe you should introduce wet food. Wet usually has less calories. I would just free feed wet and dry.
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They just sound like big kittens to me...even my monster didn't weigh that much at that age
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Do you have access to the purina or science diet wt charts ???

being a kitten I would imagine it may just be nearing a growth spurt but the VET is the best one to judge the wt of animal
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Usually kittens are approximately a pound per month of age, maybe a bit more. If your kittens are 6 lbs + and only 4 months old, they are at risk for being overweight later. Are they spayed/neutered yet? If not, then they could even out. If they are, then you need to adjust their food and probably start giving less and spacing out their food intake - not free feeding them.
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The kittens have slight "tummies" from above but I can feel their ribs without a thick fat covering so I am not sure? I guess I will ask my vet. They shouldn't have worms or anything, I'd been worming them with drontal every 2 weeks.
Oh, they are all neutered except the two smallest, I wasn't sure they were big enough when I made the appointment and the s/n clinic would only let me bring in 5 at once (usually they only allow 4 but they made an exception) so the two smallest are still waiting to be s/n.

My 1-year-old Church was 5.65 pounds at 4 months old and I thought that was big! He is probably a half-brother to these kittens because I think they had the same (feral) mother as him but 6.7 just seems too big!
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Hey just wanted to update, I took him in to the vet because I was worried it could be fluid or something (or worms) because his stomach was rather round... She said he's just chubby. Oh, he also got x-rays because the x-ray machine needed to be tested so we figured we might as well use him. They were all clear although she said his liver seemed a little bit 'rounded' which is a bit odd but nothing to be overly worried about and she said we can check it again later to make sure.
I don't know why he's so big because they all share food and get the same amount of exercise, but he is just a big and chubby kitten... I just weighed him and he is 7.65 pounds now so he gained a pound in two weeks, which is twice the norm of 1 pound per month. Of course, my other cat Church (who may be related to these kittens) also gained 2 pounds a month for his first 7-9 months but he was never overweight and he's now about 10.7 pounds at 13 months.

There's another female kitten in the litter who was just a few ounces less than the big male when I weighed them 2 weeks ago (haven't weighed her since), I brought her in as well to have the vet take a look and she also checked out fine...just big! My vet said it could be because they were spayed/neutered early that they are overweight, but they are also large for their age.

The smallest kitten in the litter who was a runt is a little over 5 pounds now, which seems fairly normal for a female that age.
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