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I took my PRAXIS this morning!

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I am in a MS program for education, and this morning I took the Praxis PPST on the computer. It's the test you have to pass to continue on in the education program, and you have to pass a bunch more for licensure.

Well, one bad thing-- we had a fire drill in the middle of the test. We knew about it ahead of time, and they came in and turned our computers off and we all had to just sit there listening to it. It's a huge office building across the street from Independence Hall, and the place doing the testing got permission for us to stay in the office, but still. I had JUST started the math part (kinda like an SAT).

But anyway, I got my scores for 2/3 parts of the test right when I finished, and I did really well (comfortably higher than necessary for licensing) and am not at all worried about passing the writing part!

So there's one less thing to be stressed out about. Just wanted to share, I'm really excited about it, and Simon would request that I stop dancing around with him.
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That's great!!!! I'm glad you did well!!!
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Congratulations Julie! You should be so proud! I am sure you will continue to do well!
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great job Julie, i hope that things keep going well.
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Good Job and PUT Simon down
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Congrats and I am sure you are very proud as we are all proud of you. And Simon should understand that mommy is happy so she will be dancing for a bit. Well done Julie.
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I can't believe the timing of the fire drill!!
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Congratulations! The fire drill must have been a total bummer - but I'm glad it didn't phase you!

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