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Kiwi is having seizures

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She was spayed on Monday, I picked her up Tuesday morning. She was alert and really mad about being in her carrier. As soon as I got her home, I let her out, she peed in her litterbox right away and then walked around the house moaning and swaying. I layed her down on her favorite blanket and she almost immediately fell asleep. I layed with her for a while, and stroked her little head. Thats when I noticed she was shaking, almost like having a really bad case of the shivers. I figured it was most likely due to the painkiller shot she got before leaving the vet's. She stayed on her blanket and slept for 24 hours straight, without moving, other than still shaking.

This morning she was still in the same spot and still shaking, so I woke her up and tried to make her eat and drink. She ate 8-10 pieces of kibble, and had a lap or two of water. Then she fell over. I helped her back onto her feet and she could barely stand up so I picked her up. She was moaning and shaking really hard. I thought I was hurting her so I layed her down on the couch. She was twitching and moaning and her tounge was hanging out of her mouth. I called the vet right away, and they said that she needs to come in straight away. My husband is at the vet with her right now.

I am terrified that she is going to die. My poor kitten. She is only 4 months old. Just wanted to share.
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Lots of healing vibes heading her way. Poor little girl.
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Many many Prayers and for your little one, please keep us informed.
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I hope she will be ok.
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Prayers and good thoughts coming her way.
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good health vibes
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The vet just called. They are keeping Kiwi overnight. I am so, so sad that I have to spend another night without my little snuggle-bum. They have her on an IV and on antibiotics. They don't know yet what is wrong with her, but they said that she is "definately off, and needs to be monitored" They said that they will call in the morning with an update. I am so sad.
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for you and lots of prayers and healing for Kiwi.
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Am sending tons of good vibes to Kiwi and your family

I really hope that Kiwi will be ok, please keep us updated.

(I love the name Kiwi for a cat, by the way)
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Sending lots of vibes your way for a quick recovery and peace for you!
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Originally Posted by tamgirl99 View Post
Sending lots of vibes your way for a quick recovery and peace for you!
adding my & to the ones you've already gotten for sweet Kiwi... & some as well.
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I brought Kiwi home from the vet this morning. Although she is still feeling under the weather, she is happy to be home. She has tried out all her favorite comfy spots, and has decided on the sunbeam streaming in the basement window. She isn’t moving around too quickly, but when I go to check on her she purrs and looks up at me. I haven’t heard her purrs since Monday, so it is like music to my ears.

The vet decided that she had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic they used for her spay surgery. There was no way of knowing that she was going to react that way, as all of her pre-op testing came back perfect. We are very fortunate that I brought her back in as quickly as I did, otherwise there is a very real chance that she could have died. She still has the tremors and is quite weak, but that should go away as she rests and gets over this. She is expected to make a full recovery.

A huge heartfelt T*H*A*N*K Y*O*U goes out to all of you who sent your prayers and healing vibes for little Kiwi. It means so much to me to know that even though you are all miles and miles away, you still took the time to send your thoughts to a complete stranger. It gives me hope that there are still kind souls out there in this big, bad world of ours. I love you all, and Kiwi does too!!!
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I can't tell you how happy I am that Kiwi is going to be alright. What a beautiful little girl she is, she is so cute. More Prayers and that she gets over this quickly.
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I am glad she is better and is home.
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good to hear that she is home now and what a little stunner she is
for a quick recovery from the ordeal
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I am glad to hear Kiwi is doing good.

If Kiwi ever has to go under anesthetic again you should remind your current vet of the reaction, or if you get a new vet be sure to tell him.
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I am so glad that she is doing better. Seizures are scary; I had two dogs with epilepsy and it is a tough nut to crack. I know it is relatively uncommon in cats, but not unknown.
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Good News get lots of rest Kiwi
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Kiwi is so very tired. All she has done all day is sleep. I convinced her to have a little snack, and then she's right back to bed. I hope her friskiness comes back soon I have to give her a pill tonight at 8:00....we'll see how that goes, I have never done it before, and the vet made it sound like this simple little task I am just so happy my baby girl is home.
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So glad to hear Kiwi is doing better!!!!
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