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Ragdoll fans please read

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Hi everyone
Umm if anyone is interested I have opened up a big new ragdoll website, took alot of work, big gallery (can copy pics), characteristics, history, kitty care and grown, breeder links in all states, FAQ, links and more...

So visit even if its just for a peep..
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I will move this into our Breeders forum for you. You are welcome to to list your cattery for free on our sister site www.meowhoo.com

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Neat Site
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I was happy to sign your guestbook!
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awwwwwwwwwwww I LOVE ragdolls!!!! they are SOOOOO cute!!!! Maybe someday I will have one but I'm way over my kitty limit right now CUTE site!!
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Wow! Great site! Thanks for sharing! I'm getting a Ragdoll in late May or early June!
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I just adopted a Ragdoll from the SPCA this weekend! He's a 5 yr old, 20+ lbs. neutered male Seal Colorpoint named Pooh Bear, but we're going to be giving him a new name soon. There are a few pictures of him posted in the Cats Forum under the thread "Cheaper By the Dozen, or And Then There Were 12".

Love your website!
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