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Michael Crichton

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I'm sad. I just found out Michael Crichton died. He wrote Jurassic Park, The Lost World, created ER, Sphere, and The Andromeda Strain among many others. He's one of my favorite authors.
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Oh! That's so sad. I became a big fan of his after The Andromeda Strain.
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I think he has one more book that he finished set to be released December 2008. It looks like it doesn't have a title though.
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oh so sad I did not know that.
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I am soo sad to hear this He is my absolute favorite author My favorite book of his was, "Prey." It's an excellent read for those of you who like his work! I am soo sad he passed on We lost a truely talented guy.
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That is too bad. He wasn't that old was he? The last time I saw him on an interview, he didn't appear to be old, old, but mature. So sad.
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He was a brilliant writer, it's so sad.
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Noooooooooo. He's one of my favourite authors. Prey is also my favourite of his. He will be missed.
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Thought I'd post a few links to his story. The reports are saying that he died of cancer (he apparently kept his struggle with it private.) He passed on yesterday. He was only 66.,2933,447384,00.html
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I was very saddened to hear about his death. I especially liked Rising Sun and the Great Train Robbery, and his autobiography (the name of which escapes me now--I read it many years ago).
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I just saw that on my home page. How sad!

He lived a charmed life and he won't be forgotten.
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So sad May he Rest in Peace
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I was a big fan, also, though his denial of global climate change mystified me. If you haven't looked into his nonfiction, you might enjoy it very much -- "Five Patients" is the title, I think, of the book that inspired ER, and he also wrote a sort of partial autobiography called "Travels" that I dearly love.
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RIP to him...
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I understand he wrote Andromeda Strain while he was still in school. Medical school, maybe?

My favorite of his books was "Timeline." It was made into a movie, but it really didn't capture the spirit of the book.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
I understand he wrote Andromeda Strain while he was still in school. Medical school, maybe?
That's right -- I don't think he ever got to practice medicine at all, because he was a best-selling author before he finished school!

Nobody has mentioned "Disclosure," which I think is excellent. Not so much science as some of the others, but a very intricate and well-told story.
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