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Thank you everyone for your kind words about Rupert. He is hanging in there. I found a soft treat that he absolutely loves, so I've been hiding his Prednisolone in one of those and he eats it right up. I also mix his antiboitic liquid in some wet food and he eats that as well. So, no more stressful forcing of meds!!! We are both happy about that. He is eating and interactive with me, so I don't think he is ready to give up yet. It is so hard with cats to know if they are in pain because they hide it so well!!!! They even purr when they are in pain and it makes you think that they are ok when they are not. He seems ok to me so far. He sleeps alot, but seems comfortable. He has been making he cute little gremlin meows when he is hungry and is eating pretty well. I love him so much, even my 7 year old is praying for a miracle. He said to me, "Do you think God will decide not to let Rupert die?"
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What wonderful news that Rupert continues to feel well!!!

I am so glad for you both that you've found a stress-free way to give him his meds. What a relief it must be!

Your description of Rupert just melted my heart - I truly hope he has many more days of "little gremlin meows".

PS - Your son's question has me in tears. Children get right to the heart of the matter, don't they...
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Oh no! I'm so sorry about your poor baby
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I'm sorry to hear about Rupert. I'm really not good at comforting words, but I really feel sad for (you and) your kitty... he's so young. My own cat is just over a year.
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Have you had your hard drive checked? Even if it won't function, some of its data may be recoverable. I know that getting back the photos isn't going to make things better but at least you'd know you'd have something to remember Rupert by when he dies.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty!! At least he got to have a loving home with someone who cared about him.
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Barblynnp - just wanted you to know I'm thinking about Rupert and hoping he's continuing to do well.

I had a thought about something you might want to try for Rupert called Transfer Factor (TF) (www.4life.com ;click on "Science"). It's a natural product that helps to balance the immune system. Some TCS members have had good results with it, others didn't see any effect. A member (the food lady) wrote tonight about TF in another thread in this forum, "Intestinal Lymphoma". You might want to take a look and see what you think.

Lots of hugs to your boy.
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