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Rupert is dying from FIP

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I am sick with sadness. The vet is 95% sure that Rupert has the dry form of FIP. I found out yesterday. He is deteriorating before my eyes. Giving him his meds is like torturing him.....I'm not sure how long I can do that to him....especially since it won't even be able to save him. My eyes are burning from the tears. This just isn't fair.

To make matters worse, my hard drive died last month and I lost all of his beautiful photos
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I am so sorry.
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Last Jan 11 Yoshi was pts after we were told in May he had kidney stones and dry fip.
When I was told that I felt just like you do.
Yoshi was given 6 months to 2 years to live but lasted 8 months.
How old is your cat?
Yoshi was 4.5 when we found out and was 5 when I lost him.If you ever need to talk pm me.
There is no true test for fip either.
His test was pos and the vet was pretty sure it was dry fip.
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I am so sorry. Poor baby. And it's terrible about the photos on top of all this.

Can you get a second opinion just to be 100% sure? If the second vet agrees it's FIP, maybe you *should* discontinue the meds if it's too hard on Rupert and the vet agrees that they're ineffective at this point. Limiting stress and quality of life are so important when a kitty is seriously ill.

I'm sure you're doing everything you can to keep Rupert as comfortable as possible. Just spending time with your beautiful boy means more than anything else. Though your heart is breaking, he needs you to be strong for him; and for you to help him feel reassured.

You and your precious boy are in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry about Rupert..the poor little fellow. My heart goes out to you!

Had you send your photos to anyone else....could they send the photos back to you...it's worth a try.

Hugs to both of you....
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I`m so sorry. You must be devastated I really hope you still have some quality time left together
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I am so sorry to hear about Rupert. Prayers and vibes to you both.
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I am very sorry you and Rupert are going through this. Many years ago my 12 year old cat passed away from the dry form of FIP. It is an awful disease.

Keeping Rupert comfortable and giving him quality time means so much. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.
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Thank you everyone for your kind words. Rupert is only just over 1 year old. I rescued him last August from a rescue group. He and his siblings where found on the side of a road! He seems to be getting worse every day. Today he hardly has purred at all. He used to purr very loudly all the time. I wonder if he is mad at me for forcing the meds. I think he vomited while I was at work also. It is hard to tell if it was him because I have 2 other cats in the house. He is just skin and bones and not eating. I have to shove food in front of him in order for him to nibble in anything.
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Oh my goodness, only a little over a year old, Rupert is just a baby...

Is it possible to get a second opinion? The best thing would be to have a board-certified feline internist see him, just to be sure it's not something else.

You might have to assist-feed Rupert. I've been doing this for one of my kitties, and I found this site extremely helpful: www.assistfeed.com
Click on the link at the bottom of the page for the Yahoo Feline Assist-feeding Group.

It's very important to keep Rupert hydrated, as well, since dehydration makes kitties feel miserable. Will he drink on his own?
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I'm so sorry! My poor little boy passed last week from wet FIP.

Is he having trouble walking?

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Yoshi was 5.2 pounds when I lost him from also 15 pounds.
He was 7.5 pounds 3 weeks before I lost him.
I hope something will help your cat.
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So sorry to hear about your Rupert. It's so tough, and it's such a horrible disease. My Lena had it and she was just over a year as well.

I tried force feeding her, and giving her meds, but after what the vet said, about it being fatal, and watching her deteriorate, I decided I didn't want to make it even harder for her by force-feeding her, or forcing the pill down her throat. (He thought, in case it was something else, that antibiotics might help.) I basically didn't want to make it any harder for her, and eventually took her in to be PTS.

You have to make the decision that's right for you and for your kitty.

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He is not having trouble walking or anything neurological yet. He is just so tired and sad. I've seen him drink water on his own and today I have bought different kinds of wet foods and cat milk for him. His favorite so far is Fancy Feast. He ate pretty much of that tonight. Of course I had to keep putting it in front of him to encourage him to eat more. I just hate how he just sits and stares at the floor.
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Originally Posted by Barblynnp View Post
He is just so tired and sad. I just hate how he just sits and stares at the floor.
i lost my boy to undiagnosed FIP last october. i know from the information on this site that is what he had. with the power of hindsight i would have let him go sooner.

the second opinion is a very good idea but what you describe is a painful reminder of how my boy became.

it's a truly horrific time and my heart goes out to you.
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I really don't know what to say, it must be awful. I would be absolutely heart broken if this were to happen to Al. It sounds terrible to have to watch him deteriorate, staring at the floor. My heart goes out to you too. Show him lots of love and when it is time, let him go peacefully. He is such a gorgeous little boy too. I am so sorry that you are both going through this.
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I am so sorry about Rupert. I will be praying for you all. I understand what you are feeling.
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Hey sweetie, sorry about your kitty. My prayers are out for her.

On a techy side, being a geek I might be able to help you. Do you mean your HD died and doesn't start, or you get a black screen when you turn it on?

There's a GOOD program called Spin Right, (http://www.grc.com/default.htm ) the man who created it is a computer security specialist and good with all sorts of hardware issues, I listen to his podcast Security Now and he has a really good track record so the program is trustworthy. Its a program designed to search for physical flaws in the disk drive, fix them, and get the drive working again when otherwise it would seem like its dead.

Don't format the drive! Even if you don't use spin right, its possible that you could get the data off the drive at any number of computer specialists stores, they have ways to access the drive memory and try and get your information from it for you when otherwise you couldn't!

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I am so sorry for you at this difficult time. Having just been through something similiar with my Casey, I know something of how difficult this must be for you.

Something that brought me comfort was that I believe our kitties do know when we are trying to help them feel better. They may not like what we need to do - give them meds, special foods, etc. - but I believe they know in their little hearts that we are trying to help them. They know and understand that we would never hurt them and they trust us to do the right things for them.

Please know you are in my prayers. No, it is not fair that our babies need to suffer, but we can't control everything that happens to them no matter how hard we may try. Take care of yourself, too. I know you are doing the best you can and so does your kitty.
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You all are so wonderful. Thanks for all of your support and kind words. Today Rupert was happier. He greeted me and was more interested in what was going on around him. I even got him to briefly chase after a toy. I know he is not getting better, but it's good to see him content. I think that he actually may have the wet form if FIP because his belly seems to be getting bigger...and he's not eating enough to make him feel that full. I hope we get a nice sunny day so I can take him out in our backyard.

Although my hard drive died last month and I have since replaced it, my dad still has it and is going to help me look for photos of Rupert.
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I'm so glad Rupert feels better today. I know you're cherishing every happy
moment he has. I hope he has many more good days.

BTW, just wondering if you've considered a second opinion.

Hugs & kisses to your beautiful little boy
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No, I'm not going to get a second opinion. I agree with my vet based on what I've read and what I am seeing in him.
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I've been thinking about Rupert and hoping he continues to feel better.

Hugs to your sweet little boy.
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My heart goes out to you Barblynnp, I too lost a kitty to FIPS a couple of years back and I know how agonizing it is to see your sweet baby suffering so badly.

If you feel giving him the meds is stressing him out more than anything, then don't, just give that sweet kitty of yours all the love you can, that's really all you can do let him how much he has meant to you.

Hugs and all my love and good to you both. I too, will pray for you guys.
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My prayers go out to you and your baby. I hope he continues to feel better.

Big hug

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How sad. FIP is so horrible. Rupert is so beautiful.
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I am very sorry to hear about Rupert, but it is nice that he is doing better. Please take care of yourself dear in addition to your little darling. Will Rupert eat pill pockets so you don't have to force the pills? I hope things will be better for you both soon.

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I am so sorry for you and Rupert. My prayers are with you both.
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I, too am very sorry to hear this. I just hate posting in threads with bad news, but I thought this information may help you:

There are ways to recover data from a bad HD. It seems as though you cherish these pictures so I just wanted to point that out. Doing it professionally can be expensive, though. Just be sure not to toss it quite yet.

Again, sorry to hear about your kitty.
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i am so sorry to hear this, and I truly hope his belly isn't a sign of wet FIP, as they have even less time with that. I have lost a cat to FIP, and she is the only one of my bridge babes I wish I had let go sooner, I didnt have the internet then, and didn't know anything about this nasty disease, so we tried meds for a fortnight, but I would never do that again, I would let them go as soon as I was confident of the diagnosis
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