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So, who is the President...

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in your household?

In my household it sure is not me. Not DW. Not Alley. But Persi says he is the president, and none dare dispute him.

How about in your household? Who is (or thinks they are) the President?
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I hate to admit it, but it's me.
Following that, Freya and my DH switch back and forth depending on the day and how much she's enjoying irritating him. Cotton's fourth - he hates having to be "in charge."
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Oh it has to be my cat President Casey, followed by Vice-President Gracie.
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I would have to say Aurora is president and Amber vice president. Although many times Aurora has been known to be the "queen" as well
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I am the president!!! VP is Hades and Secretary of State is Circe
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My husband acts like I'm the Tyrant of the house. I don't like it!

Of course, Evie is the princess of the house. Not the Queen, far too much responsibility. Evie is just the spoiled little one that everything revolves around.
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That`s easy! Kitty is and KNOWS he is the president of this household. In fact I`m sure he thinks he rules the whole street.

Even visitors quickly work out who`s the boss around here

I wouldn`t have it any other way
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I'd like to think it's me, but I know better. I'd have to say my oldest, Katie. After 15+ years, she's definitely in charge.
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Tonka is the president here. I know this because he is a HEAD of the "cabinet"(my curio cabinet)..Meaning he sleeps and hides in the cabinet and lets the Vice President (Duke) make all the executive decisions

Sammy and Chloe are also memebers of the "lower" cabinet.

Jake is the bodyguard of them all
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I don't think we have a President. Forest is our dictator, though...just ask him.
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it's a toss up between Dad and Sibohan....depends on the day I guess.
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I would say:

Jordan is King
Isaac is President
Maggie is princess
Levi is just your average Joe
Me well I am the servant.
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Zissou thinks she is queen. Simon says he doesn't understand the question, and continues chewing on a paper bag.
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I would say I am, and I think DH would agree (or else ).
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Since I control food, I'll say I am. JoJo is the VP, and Jack is the Social Director/Head of Security. When people come over, he cautiously waits for them to settle in, then comes an checks them out... if they're deemed suitable, he flops over on his belly and begs for rubs.

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You know I think Isaac is more of a dictator than a president. If the other cats aren't exactly where he wants them he lets them know. It's even getting to the point that he has begun kicking Jordan off the top shelf of the kitty tree.
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I think our doggie Coco thinks she is the president of our house because when she wants to go outside all she has to do is bark and we have to stop whatever we are doing and take her outside..... Back home in IL I think my cat Patches is the boss because she is the oldest!!
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Kitters is President in this house. In her ranking then it would be daddy then me... She really is a daddy's girl!
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No democracy here. We all revolve around Queen Much.
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Gidget .... President

Zoey is VP

Sylvie and Pj are information and trouble specialists( some will really understand )

Punky is the jester

I am the maid, caretaker and errand runner
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DH says I am the President since I am the one in charge of things

Dusty is the VP. She pesters DH until he gives her treats

Rusty is Secretary of State

And DH is "First Husband"
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Ophelia Rose wins paws down - and that's just because she's fully clawed. Twitch gives her a good run for her money - which is also why they have to live completely seperated or death ensues.
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