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Could I get some good luck vibes for DH?

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My DH has been in the process of switching careers lately. As of this morning, he's left the field he trained in, but has a very limited future and started an apprenticeship.

I'm really proud of him for making a decision he's happy with and he was pretty excited/nervous when he left this morning. (and I'm pretty excited/nervous for him )

I was hoping that if anyone had some vibes to spare, they could send some for my DH that the new job goes well and that he's happy with it.
Thank you.
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Good luck to him!...
......vibes for donĀ“t get nervous and lots and lots of patience too!......
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Many good vibes going out to him! I really helps if he loves what he's doing and is happy (tired, but happy) when he comes home. What kind of apprenticeship is he starting? For any kind of home improvement he probably has a great future!
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Oh, lots of perfect job vibes!!

Hope it goes very well and that he is thrilled with his decision!
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Hey, good luck to him. It must be a really scary time.
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support. It's pretty scary and I'm trying really hard not to be nervous where he can see.

He's starting as a heat & frost insulator. I have some family in the field and they've all said there's more work then train people...especially with all the older infrastructure in our area needing to be updated. He was so tired jumping from IT contract to contract that he's really looking forward to something a bit steadier...I am too.

He's actually really excited to be doing something in the trades. It's always been an area of interest for him (he loves working with his hands) so he was thrilled when the offer came up.

Thanks again - I can't wait for him to finish up today so I can find out how everything went.
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any new?...
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Thanks again for the good wishes, everyone.

DH had a really good day and got offered some overtime already. :whoohoo: It turns out that his crew is really good about teaching the new guys so he had a really productive day and was absolutely beat last night.

He's been joking that it'll get him in shape faster than any fitness regime, but was really positive about it last night and was quite happy getting up at 4:45 this morning to head out to work.

I'm much less nervous after hearing that he enjoyed's probably the first time in awhile I've let myself feel a bit positive about his work situation, so I can't thank you guys aenough for all the vibes.
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Great to hear it started off well for him.
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It is so hard to change careers and take a risk like that. He should be very proud of his decision...even with the nerves it brings.

Continued vibe for happiness and fulfillment
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Lot's of vibes coming your way.

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