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Marley is driving me to fix it?

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Ok, Marley is 7mo and nuetered.
The problem I am having with him is that he is into EVERYTHING!! No matter what or where he is constantly pawing things to watch them fall off the surface. This isn't something that happens once in a while, it happens all day, every day. There is one coffee table that I can't keep him off of. It is the only place in my house I can keep my drinks but now I can't even keep them there because he is constantly pawing at it or trying to drink it and it always spills. He knows what the word no means but chooses not to listen and does whatever he wants. Also when we eat he tries his hardest to get our food (this is if we are eating in the living room) he jumps on my lap, or puts his paws on the coffee table and sticks his little nose in the plate. He does this over and over and over, no matter how many times I tell him no or toss him to the side. It was so bad last night I almost put him in another room until we were done but he finally chilled out.
So my questions are, how can I go about making him listen? What works for you?

Why is he constantly pawing at everything?? It can be a coaster, the lamp, my earings on my dresser, cups, remotes....literally everything within reach. It's not even like he really wants to play with these things because as soon as he knocks it off he's done with it and moves on to something else.

Please help....he is literally driving me crazy!!!!
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My kitten does the same thing, I just deal with it, laugh at him most of the time, but I wish he would tell me where my favorite earring is Good luck!
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Riley is the same way sometimes. He is almost 2 and still does it. Not all the time, but he seems to go through phases. You can put him in another room when you are eating, but I really have no advice on how to keep him off the tables, etc. and knocking things off. This seems to be a favorite pastime for them
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He is bored and wants attention. My cat did this all the time when he wanted attention from me. Play with him. Cats need to be interacted with as much as dogs do sometimes. Get a toy called da bird....OMG! they go nuts for it. You can sit down will using it also so its not like you have to run around all the time. Have plenty of toys they can play with by themselves. They have a ball that they can bat around a track, sometimes it has a scratching area inside it too. They love playing with this also. Does he have a cat tree?

You could also make a point to have a grooming session with your kitty that will be time for him/her to have undivided attention from you and it gets them used to being groomed. dual purpose!

Oh! and cat nip....throw some on the floor and its instant party time followed by some serious napping. Also, a laser pointer is great fun. The cat can run all over while you get to sit and watch tv or whatever.

Have fun playing!
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Jack's exactly the same and he's just over a year old. He's still little though and curious that's all.

You don't throw him do you?, just when you said you toss him to the side
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I thought that maybe he is bored but we do play, guess I'll play even more with him. I think I will get DA Bird, I've heard lots of good things about it. We have a lazer that he loves

No I don't throw him. I toss him I literally pick him up bout an inch off the ground and extend my arm, thats it.
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One of my cats is constantly knocking things off the counters. She has Da Bird and she has tons of toys! She is a very active little girl! I love it!
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My kitten used to jump on my desk or a table and pick up my chapstick and kick it across the room-- over and over and over. He thought they were the best toys.

He passed away last week and I found about 7 chapsticks while cleaning over the weekend.

He also used to jump on our dining room table over and over and over. Sometimes I did just put him in my bedroom for like 15 minutes while we finished eating.
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So...remember when you were a kid and you were amped up ALL the time and running into walls and making a big mess of things? It's the same for kittens. Right now he is PUMPED up and there's nothing you can do about it. I got my cats from the shelter when they were two months old. I didn't sleep for an entire year. I even got kicked out of my apartment for them making too much noise. But now their older and in their "bad boy" phase so they're playing it cool most of the time. It'll pass.
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