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no poo

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Monday evening my cat had a bowel movement and i noticed some blood in it (bright red.) My cats eat a primarily dry food diet, with a small can of fancy feast maybe twice a week, so i figured he was eating too much dry food and that was the problem. I've had him isolated since then.
Monday night: just ate wet.
Tuesday: no BM, still eating wet.
Tueday night: dry and wet
Wednesday: no BM...yet. I just changed the litter and i'm hoping he just wanted cleaner litter to go in, so im waiting it out. All i wanted to see is if he continued to have blood in his feces, but he's not pooping! His anus looks a little swollen, and he's purring (which he never does.) Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is wrong? I was hoping to bring him to the vet today but the vet is closed and won't be open until tomorrow morning (thursday.) His nose is still wet/cold, he doesn't feel warmer than usual, he's still eating (although i just took his food away, if he's not pooping, i dont want more to build up in him) What can i do until tomorrow!?

My old cat's anal sacs became impacted when he was 15, and got severly infected and it was nightmare, i dont think the infection ever went away (we put him to sleep due to congestive heart failure shortly after). If he does have a problem with his anal sacs, i hope this is an early catch.
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When you go to the vet, they will easily be able to tell if/how much he is impacted. You can try Petromalt or Laxatone; I believe both are readily available at the pet stores. I used to give my late cat Petromalt on a regular basis as he aged since he seemed to strain a bit sometimes. And fluids are a good idea too; canned food is the best for the time being.
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Don't give him anymore dry. Feed him small meals of canned food - sneak a little water into it and mix well. Canned pumpkin (plain - NOT pumpkin pie mix with spices) usually works very well for constipation (and ironically for diarrhea too!) and most cats like the taste. Plus, it's a nice natural remedy. Too many of the over-the-counter remedies contain sugar and artificial ingredients that aren't good for cats. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin into each meal of canned food. (BTW, you can freeze some leftover pumpkin for future use. I put a few tablespoons worth into a freezer baggie, flatten it, then break off pieces as needed. You can reconstitute the pumpkin by moistening the frozen pieces with water and heating it slightly in a toaster oven.)

Continue to watch your cat carefully. If after 24-48 hours there's no improvement, or your cat is straining to poop, take him to the vet. He could be getting impacted.

Good luck - hope things will be back to normal soon. Please let us know.
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My initial post was 8am this morning. It's now 3pm and he did have a BM, however not the massive mound he usually leaves. There was no blood in it, but was a different color than usual (lighter.) I have a teaspoon of wet food out now and will continue to observe him, he's been nibbling it. I'm just happy he went a little, and i will try the pumpkin. Thank you!
Ugh, i can't believe im obsessing over poop.
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Thats good to hear that he went a little. for more poop coming his way.
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Glad there was some poop. The different color has to do with the change in diet probably. Obsessing over poop, pee and vomit, the life of a cat lover!
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