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Daily Thread HUMP day Nov 5th

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Morning folks!

Off to work today, then heading to the gym to workout with Josh.

Its going to be sunny and 18 degrees toady again!! I LOVE this weather!!

Not much else today....I am going to the Sens game tomorrow though, that should be fun

Have a great day folks!
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I'm heading out shortly for New Orleans. Supposed to be good weather.
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Morning All!!!

Up and about early as well myself this morning. Heading out in about 1/2 hour for my specialist appointment.

Am hopeful that we can find a alternative treatment for my hands and wrists now that I am limited to the medications I can use. I am sure he should have some good ideas.

Will not be home until late this afternoon so guess the kitties will have to amuste themselves today.

They know something is up because they have been following me around since I got up.

Everyone have a great day
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Its a sunny and other record temp day is in the works. Yesterday it was 73F and today 71F!! In November - I'm even hanging out some clothes outside to dry might as well take advantage of this as the temps will plunge by Friday.

So we finished hanging the last of the beadboard the family room ceiling is closed up-just 4 pieces of crown moulding left to do tonite. So I can carry some of the tools and bits of boards out of that room. YAY!!!!!!!

Like Kelli Jo I am planting some tulip bulbs today and do some yard clean up too. Don't know how much as I am tired from working about 8.5 hours yesterday-thats no sitting down time at all. Starting on making croutons and stuffing crumbs for thanksgiving. Thats going to be pretty constant for the next 7 weeks or so.

Bakker is on the sofa by me-just laid down for a nap I think the girls are up on the bed.

Have a good one!
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