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feliway comfort zone

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Has anyone had success with this plug-in? I bought one today. How long does it take for it to start working?
I'm thinking of getting another bengal ( a kitten).
Also, Tigger (3 year old female; had her since she was 14 weeks) has been afraid of Cinnamon (5 years old; had her since 1997) sice she was bitten in her tail. Somedays, she is a really brave girl, and other days she is scared of Cinnamon. I wonder if this will help her?
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Tigger it takes about 3 days to fully effect the cats, as it is on a really light release trigger. But you should notice calmer cats in a few days.
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thanks I asked hubby if he thought he noticed anything yet & he said they seem a bit calmer. So, we will see in 3 days.
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I have tried the plug in and it did not work. But I think it's up to the chemical make up of the individual cat if it does or not - one thing is for sure I can't hurt. Good luck and congradulations.
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I love this product. After a month I bought another plug in and two refills. Scared kitty is not as scared, doesn't hiss at other cat, better behaved. All around it has been very helpful.
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I have never heard about this. What exactly is it and where do you get it?
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This link describes Feliway:

This is where I have bought my supply. . .very good prices:
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I have to just add that since I have put two in my front room- where Karma and Ripley used to really get into it with each other, the tension has surely eased out of both of these cats. At least it is a refillable product, so you don't get stuck having to buy a whole new unit every time you run out. I swear by this product, it has really made a difference over time.
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I am now thinking of buying one for our bedroom, since thats where Fluffy & Cinnamon sleep. Fluffy still gets scared of the boys (well, hisses and runs back into the bedroom). So, I want to see the improvement for her, as well.
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