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I am Darlene's (TLK) sister, Diane and I

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have been asked by Darlene to come on with an update. She said it would be okay to do it this way, since I am not a member.

Darlene will have to go from the Clinic Monitoring Facility to the Hospital to remain while they try some new blood pressure medications called Ace Inhibitors. These are needed because the echocardiagram showed some reduced activity of the Venus Chamber (left side) of the heart. This is the section of the heart muscle that deals with blood return circulation and thus the elimination of lymph (fluid) buildup which affect the blood pressure because of the added stress of carrying excess fluid in the veins along with the recirculating blood.

Darlene wanted me to update you because she knows that a lot of you have expressed concern for her condition. I know that she is grateful for your prayers and good wishes. She has told us how much she enjoys this site. Darlene is very special to me and my girls, (I could not have raised them without her help)
As some of you know, almost every day is very painful for my sister but she continues to try and carry on and take care of herself and her cats. I was never all that fond of cats, but I think I have been brain-washed over the years and both of my daughters are really cat lovers. If these medications do not control the blood pressure; Darlene will have to severely change her lifestyle and probably not be able to live in my house because of the stairs, etc. I will try to make arrangements to get back on and let you all know what is going on. Darlene is, of course, trying to put a comedic slant on all this, but I can tell that she is concerned. I have promised that I will try to explain to her cats why she is not at home, but they don't tolerate me very well and they have been acting up a little over the weekend. I have to call and/or e-mail my brothers and let them know what is happening so I had better wind this up for now.

I hope I remember to include every thing that Darlene told me to put in this closing (I took notes); Loretta, Colby, Joe, Katie, Kathy, Chuck and Catarina she will send you each an e-mail when she is back home. Thank you for being there. . . . Michelle, I know she will be sad to hear about Andy, as she asked me especially to check on that. If there is any new news that you feel she needs to know about, I guess post it to this thread and I (or one of the girls) will check back in a day or so. Oh, Chuck, she did read your screenplay pages and will get some comments off to you. To all the Stephen King fans "Dreamcatcher" is excellent. Nomar, behave yourself; and I hope your Mom liked your poem. I am (she is) thinking of all of you and smiling. ==========================================Diane Way 5/29/01
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thanks so much for updating us! Darlene has been on my mind since she checked in. if it's all right could i have the address there because I would like to send flowers. also do you suppose it would be okay if I called her? please check with her. this is Colby

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Please tell Darlene that she is in my thoughts and prayers.

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May God also grant you the strength to face each challenge in the day and may His loving hand guide the doctor's as they continue to work with TLK. Please tell her hissy misses her very much!
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thanks for letting us know what's happening with Darlene,
please tell her i miss her, i love her, and she's in my prayers everyday.

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Although I am new here and don't really know TLK I wish her all the best. My prayers will be with her and all her family.
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Thanks for the update on our beloved 3LK. Tell Darlene we all miss her. I will add her to my prayers for a speedy and safe recovery.
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Thank you so much for the update Diane! I was getting very worried as it became more than 3 days.

Please tell Darlene she is constantly in my thoughts and I miss her very much! I'll keep praying for her speedy recovery!
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Please let Darlene know that she is in my prayers. Tell her Thank you again for me for her concern over Andy. That brought tears to my eyes (again) that she is concerned for me with all she is going through. She is a very special person.

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I hope the Ace Inhibitors work to bring her B/P down so that her heart can pump more effectively...and get rid of all that excess fluid. TLK welcomed me quite warmly when I became a member the beginning of May, my thoughts and prayers are with her.
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Thank you for letting us know how she is doing! She is in my prayers!
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Darlene, thank you for the update. I was curious as to what had happened because she hadn't emailed me as of late, but then, I have been busy. Tell Darlene that I hope that she will be able to recover well and that my prayers are with her. Tell her that her nephews, Socrates and Tiger send their Get Well Meows!
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Diane, thanks for stopping by! Please let Darlene know that I hope to see her back here soon!
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Diane.....please tell Darlene that we miss her, and are thinking of her! We hope she gets better and that this new medication helps her!!!

Give her a big HUG from me, and tell her I love her.

I will send many prayers up for her recovery.
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Diane, I just read post about Darlene.
I was worried about her because we always stay in touch at least once a day. Tell her thank you for her poem of Nomar..
Never had a poem written about me and my kitty...and Nomar is behaving...
Please tell her that I am thinking of her and that she is in my prayers...
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