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Ariel coming home today

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Ariel, the dilute tortoiseshell DSH I have adopted, is coming home tonight.

Earlier this week, I gathered up all the old toys and bedding that my two
recently deceased cats used and threw it all away, with the exception of
Little Girl's favorite toy, which is sitting on the mantle next to her ashes.

Touche has her own bed and toys, so those I kept although the bed covering
got washed. Also kept the 'hard' stuff that could be easily cleaned - food
bowls, litter boxes, grooming tools.

I got Ariel's area (a spare bathroom) ready by giving it a once over with
some Lysol and water and let it air-out for a day or two.
Also gave the carpets throughout the house a good vacuuming.

I spent about $50 at Petsmart last night, new cat bed, sisal scratching thing
that hangs from the door, a few toys. .

My GF told me she thougt I was 'nesting' Hmmph! I never liked her much anyway.

I got the bathroom set-up with the litter box, bed, toys, bowls, etc last night
and Touche spent the evening 'guarding' the door. She knows something is
going on, but I'm sure she has absolutely no idea that she's getting a new
room mate tonight.

If everything goes well, Touche and Ariel will get their first face-to-face meeting sometime
this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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Awwwww, you must be getting excited!

Good luck with the introductions

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I love how excited you are! Can't wait to here how things go between the two girls.
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My prediction: When they are introduced, Touche will growl and make a lot of noise before hiding under the bed for three hours.
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