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This board is rockin!!!!!

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I just want to say thanks for all the fun things here at TCS...I have never had so much fun at such an active board!!! whoever made this board in the beginning, I bow to have a done a wonderful job!!! Kudos to you!!
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Aint it great! There are alot of people here who I would consider my friend as much as a in the flesh freind. And I even talk about my " cat site friends" to others. When I was to visit my mom, I showed her the site and my avatar(thanks again Liza) she was so immpressed! A big round of applause for Anne....our fearless leader! And I think for Maryanne.. our voice of reason.
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Thanks Also to this board , I have met lots of lovely people on it
Its truly a pleasure to be here , I too feel You guys are as good as my real life friends , Maybe you .. mostly ladies.. !? Are even better
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I have too much fun here! I have to force myself to stop to eat or pick up kids! LOL
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I have to agree, this is a wonderful place. A fun place when you want to play and be silly; a helpful place, when you're looking for information; a healing place, when you're hurting.

Thanks to all the wonderful friends I've made here, and here's to the ones I've yet to meet!
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Have you all ever had a meeting time and actually met IRL? Wouldn't that be neat if we could do that sometime?
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It's a great place and we plan on making it better over the next couple of months. Anne has created a beautiful cat community here and I am honored to be a bigger part of it now.
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HAHA Teresa I have flown WAY over you!! Your post number :homer:
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Why are you angry Jan???
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I was gonna ask the same thing...
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I see this is your first post maybe you meant to click the buttons : & ) so you get
PLease Tell us if something is bothering you Jan?
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I think she just hit the wrong button, I am an awfull keybordist too.
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But she also did a red face too , anyway it doesn't matter , I aint too worried
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You're right - I just hit the wrong things - being a new member and all. I am not angry or anything like that - it was just a test post. Can't wait to talk to all of you. Been reading some of the posts - and it looks like I'll be right at home. I hope to learn alot of things. Thanks for the feedback, cause I really didn't know if that post went thru or not. Now I know. Talk to ya soon!!!
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All Good , I really am a nice person I think LOL , Nah you will love us ! We also have some gorgeous people here as well
Im Sam pleased to meet you : Sorry that we got off to a rocky start friend
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Nice to meet you too. Didn't mean to pick the wrong thing - actually that wasn't me, my husband was doing the testing. I had no idea he picked the angry face. I was like: thanks alot honey!!! Considering I'm the one that's going to be talking on this site. But we are just laughing about it now. Too funny.
Glad you are all good sports.
I have a 15 year old gray female tabby named Boogie who is my best friend, and a new addition: a male blue persian who I saved from straydom 6 and 1/2 months ago named Shadow. I love them both very much.
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Hi jan welcome. My cats are my best friends too!
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Glad to hear ya love cats
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Thank you everyone! You really made my day! Nice to know so many people are having fun around here!

I will be moving this thread to the feedback forum if you don't mind -

Jan- welcome aboard! Why not post in the new cats on the block forum for a proper introduction and welcome?
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My Pleasure
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Glad to see you are all having such a fabulous time here with us crazy people!

Its nice to read such positive feedback, thanks!
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