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TASHI: One Very Special (PARALYZED) Kitten Rescued

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A cat sanctuary dedicated to rescuing cats from hopeless situations has taken in its second paraplegic feline, in a tale that spans three states.

Just months after finding an adoptive home for Bagheera, a large black cat others considered “unadoptable” due to his paraplegia and incontinence, Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary® is now providing a haven for Tashi, a paralyzed and incontinent kitten from Ohio.

Found living on his own in a feral colony, Tashi obviously stuck out of the crowd. Not only was he exceptionally sweet, but he was scooting around and dragging his back end. Fearing that Tashi would be euthanized at most shelters, volunteers from Cat Welfare, who discovered him in that Ohio feral colony, partnered with Colony Cats, another OH-based group, to contact Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah for help. While Best Friends’ own “Incontinental Suite” had no vacancies at the time, Best Friends members offered high praise for Tabby’s Place, a no-kill, cage-free, 7,000 square foot sanctuary for cats in desperate circumstances. And so Tashi’s journey ultimately led over 400 miles east, to Ringoes, NJ.

Since arriving at Tabby’s Place with one of his devoted Ohio caretakers on November 1st, Tashi has stolen hearts left and right. At this time Tashi is still settling in and a plan is being formed as to how to best care for Tashi. Options for his treatment may include seeking out a special cart to work his well-functioning front legs, updated x-rays to better understand his condition and hydrotherapy to support any remaining motility in his rear legs. Abundant love from Tabby’s Place’s staff and volunteers, who have eagerly awaited the arrival of this “Baby Bags”, is absolutely being factored into his specialized care too, of course.

Like every cat at Tabby’s Place, Tashi will have a home for life at the sanctuary if he is not adopted. However, the August 2008 adoption of “Bags” (the sanctuary’s nickname for Bagheera) leads Tabby’s Place Founder and Executive Director Jonathan Rosenberg to declare, “anything is possible.” Having provided three years of loving, labor-intensive care for Bagheera, Tabby’s Place is grateful to have the skilled team and facilities required to care for yet another disabled, very special cat like Tashi.

Check out Tashi’s own special page: http://www.tabbysplace.org/SN_page.php?id=655

Tabby’s Place is located at 1100 US Highway 202, Ringoes, NJ 08551. For more information, please visit http://www.tabbysplace.org/.
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Awwww I love Tabby's Place.
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