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Good friends of mine desperately need to find their cat a new home. Realistically, she cannot be in a home with children, or a home that will ever have children. She's best off in a home that is just after companionship. This morning she attacked my friends 18 month old daughter and another friends son who was over for a play date. The cat had all of upstairs to herself, as well as the dining room and kitchen which had a baby gate up to prevent the kids from going in there, but the cat decided to sit in the middle of the lounge room where the kids were playing, and went psycho when the kids went near her.

The cat has gotten worse and worse since they had their daughter, and has never been a really affectionate cat, but would be fine in a quiet home with someone who just wants a kitty who'll hang out with them.

This is Qusay:

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This is their ad:

We have a 5 year-old female calico cat who needs a new home. She is
in great health -- spayed and vaccinated (with documentation).
We are asking a small adoption fee, which also covers all the needed equipment:
a big covered litter box, automatic feeder, toys, etc.

She is mostly an indoor cat but likes to go outside at times.
She does not enjoy too much hands-on contact,
but when in a calm mood she enjoys a good scratch between the ears,
under the chin, or on the scruff of her neck. She has beautiful
coloring, and loves watching squirrels and birds through the windows.

We're seeking a new home because she has been
very anxious and unhappy even since our young daughter and her
friends have started toddling around our small apartment.
Her ideal home would be without young children or other pets, with
enough space to scurry around on occasion (either inside or out), and
with caretakers who would enjoy her company and unique personality
without expecting too much hands-on affection.