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Tinker and Wilbur

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Tinker has started playing a lot again which is good news. Here she is laying on her filthy blanket. How do they get them dirty?? i don't get it.

Here's wilbur. He was in a good mood.
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Awwww Tinker is Beautiful!!!

Wilbur has a nice looking tail!!!!!
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Wilbur...is he making a point or just hate having his picture taken?
Tinker is such a pretty cat. I love her colouring.
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I'm pretty lucky to have them. They've done a good job making me feel better for losing the fosters. I think they knew it hurt and they made efforts to comfort me.

yeah in the picture Wilbur is mad at me. he always does that when he's mad. He isn't affectionate, but there are times that he WANTS attention. Since he was a little kitten he sucked the pads on his paws to go to sleep. as seen here:

As a baby:

A little older:

He wold ONLY do this in my arms. So anytime he wanted to 'suck' he'd jump into my arms and lay down.

As he got older his mouth outgrew the pad on his foot and he can't get suction anymore lol. But he still wants to do it. So he jumps into my arms and wants to flip over. He'll sit there trying for a few minutes then give up and just look around while i scratch his neck. about 20 minutes later he's done and jumps down. So you can see this is time consuming when he does it. I can't do anything else. If I even pick up my drink while he's in my arms it irks him. he wants TOTAL attention.

So when I'm busy and he jumps up I just tell him i'm sorry and put him down. He gets mad at me and meows all the way up to the top level of the tree. He then meows REALLY loud until I acknowledge him then he'll flip around and point his butt to me like that. As if saying 'to heck with you' but much harsher words
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Tinker has such pretty colouring. And Wilbur has a cute bum!
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That pic of Wilbur is so funny Another fiery redhead?

Tinker is such a beautiful colour!
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