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Sneaky Kitties

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I usually feed our 2 cats every morning around 7 am. They start milling around the kitchen and pawing at our bedroom door for food around 6 am. So this morning, I fed them and crawled back in bed. Then an hour later, my SO came in to tell me that he fed the cats for me. He said they were acting like they hadn't been fed yet (usually after I feed them, they will stop milling around).

Sneaky little cats. They are like kids sometimes.
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Sounds like exactly what happens at our house. It's a good motto!
" never turn down a meal"
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lol smart cats, bad cats, but smart
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Exactly why mine are fed freechoice...Lol!!
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Sneaky indeed! Sound like my two - they're starving 5 minutes after being fed.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Sneaky indeed! Sound like my two - they're starving 5 minutes after being fed.
I just leave food down for mine and they go to it intermittently throughout the day. Both kitties eat about a cup of food a day, which I really don't consider overeating because one of them is really skinny and lanky. They never wake me up for food. The only time they come to my bedroom door is when they want to sleep with us. My one cat stares at my husband while he is trying to sleep. She also licks his face, paws his face, licks his nose and ears, and tries to nurse on his ears. She is really bonded to him and I think she considers him to be her momma. She was only 4 weeks old when we got her and she adores him. When I pet her she looks at him the whole time and then has to wander over to him grooming him and trying to nurse for as long as he tolerates it.
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bless their little cotton socks, sneaky lil things
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