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Are you concerned about catching SARS?
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I personally don't worry about catching SARS. I hope that we can get it under control and it won't spread any further.
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i am more concerned about my family in Singapore *the SARS situation is pretty bad there.

Becos of SARS, i have postponed my trip to see my beloved Mom.. just wanna now!!!!
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I live in a SARS infected area, and I have no concerns about getting it. It is all being blown out of all perspective. Theare are 139 probable case in Canada with another approximate 160 suspected, and most of those cases are in Toronto. When you look at the population on the city, the percentage affected is miniscule, and most of those are related to the inital case! I am going out in public and doing everything that I would normally do.
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I believe that there has been only one case, in AZ and that was in Phoenix.
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I personally find driving a lot more dangerous. No, I don't worry about it.
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Well, I'm not worried about getting it, but I am mad at a guy that lives in a sub-burb of Milwuakee. I'm not sure exactly where they think he may have gotten SARS, but appartently he has only had one of the two blood tests required to diagnose SARS. He had the first one when he was very ill, & has refused to take the second test, or follow any of the quarenteen recomendations the doctors gave him. Needless to say he's going to be in a lot of trouble if he continues. I just find it upsetting that he is putting everyone he comes in contact with at risk. I'm not sure why he is refusing to take the second blood test, seems kinda stupid to me.
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I think everyone should be concerned. #1 look how fast it has spread in a very short time. #2 the SARS virus has not been fully identified and no cure has been found. True it is not as deadly as AIDS but what happens when it begins to mutate? I don't advocate being alarmists but I think we should all stay aware.
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Here's the lastest news on SARS. Looks like it's starting to mutate. I really hope they get this under control soon.
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Im not really concerned for my well being. Im just really worried in what this is going to do to the world.

I have just seen for the first time the first episode of "Jeremaia", if you know it, and they actually managed to scare me with the vision of doom. Its creepy.

I hope they get hold of it soon, before it takes more victims.
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Since I've lived in the backwoods of TN I have had almost no colds or flu. We seldom go into large urban areas and trade mostly with the small population of a nearby town. Last weekend we went to Grand Rapids, MI(2nd largest city in Michigan) to watch our daughter's college graduation. There were over 12,000 people in that arena and many were coughing and hacking. Well, guess what? Now I'm got a head cold that is rapidly turning into bronchitis. My point is.....if this SARS thing takes off, staying away from urban areas and places where large groups of people gather will help greatly.
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Well, it has spread to a middle school in the next county from me. The family had been to Toronto. Now I am also hearing that you can get a relapse even if you get over it. It's not keeping me up nights worrying, but Florida is a giant tourist state. I am not altogther sure that this won't become worse.
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No , I'm not worried about SARS , B'cause I think there has only been one suspected case of it in New Zealand at all
I'm sorry to all those out there who are at risk or have familys at risk
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