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Dracaena sanderiana, or Lucky Bamboo...

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Does anyone have one of these? I am hearing conflicting stories as to what the best light/soil/water is and I was wondering if you have any suggestions, if you have one that is doing well. Thanks.
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Those are rugged plants, I can tell you that!

I have three little stalks that I got as a present at work. Didn't think they'd last long since they were cut stalks so I put them in a vase with about 3 inches of aquarium stones and water, then put them in my bathroom with no direct light. (again, didn't expect much from them) 2 1/2 years later they're taller than my vanity and still going strong.

Of course, looking it up quickly, apparently they like stones in water and indirect light...so maybe I didn't put them in such a bad place after all.
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I had to go check the tag on mine... I mentioned it in the 'oldest houseplant' thread... I have one that's been trained into a 'trellis' effect using ties. the stalks have grown, but I haven't repotted the darn thing... it's in soil with pebbles on top. and has been in the same little pot for two years... that I've had it. I guess I REALLY need to do something with it, huh? It would probably shoot right up even more in a larger pot. I think I have one around here... somewhere.I could get the rocks and use water... hmmm... we'll see...

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Just stick it in a container with some aquarium rocks and keep plenty of water in the container. That is one of the few houseplants I have ever had any success with. My MIL received one and she didn't believe me that soil wasn't necessary until the thing just about doubled in size the first month she had it.
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It's my boss' plant, and she has it in a pot with pebbles and water. The tips have been becoming brown and the leaves are yellowing. I was wondering about sunlight and if soil was better because it seems like she's doing everything right but it's still dying...
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There's a couple things that could be causing the brown leaf tips. The main one is too much direct light. Other then that, it may be that the roots are crowded. (how big is the pot?)

I've also heard that using water that's come through a water softener can do this, but I've never seen it myself.
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I have bamboo and love it I've had my little bamboo plant for over 5 years and it looks great! It's really not all that high-maintance at all. Just water it occassionally and make sure it gets good lighting. Be sure to keep bamboo away from your furbabies though- mine try to eat it every chance they get, so I've got it now in a part of the house the animals aren't allowed it.
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