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home made flea treatments????

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My dog has a huge reaction to any flea treatments. Advantage and all, her dad and sister have the same thing any ideas?Hair falls out on site ears swell up eyes swell ,just a mess HELP
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The dogs all have fleas, or you are just trying to prevent them?
Of course, I am going to assume they do, so here are a few 'pointers'...

Get some DE from the garden center of any walmart\\target and sprinkle that all over your carpets, yard, their bedding etc...you can vacuume it up later. That's supposed to help kill and control fleas without the 'pesticide' factor.

Most regular pet shampoos will smother and kill fleas if left on the coat long enough, so just get a good shampoo...perhaps a citrus type one, and bathe the dog thoroughly, and let him soak for 10-15 minutes in the shampoo. This will not kill any eggs, so you will need to bathe the dog quite often to keep the population from spiking again; and you'll have to bathe every pet in the home, and sprinkle the DE all over again, as well.

You could get some frontline spray, for some of the more hidden areas, that the dogs can't access, or for treating toys, and extra bedding (which you'll seal into a garbage bag for a week or two, after spraying with the frontline). You can then wash all of this extra stuff before presenting to the dogs again.
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The DE is Diatomaceous Earth. You cannot just go into a garden center and buy it because they sell 2 types. One is human grade and the other is for swimming pools. The one for swimming pools is toxic to animals, so its very important to get the human/food grade.

Its a very effective natural flea killer. You can do a google search and get a lot of good info on it.
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No we dont have any fleas that we know of,but we just got a new kitten she was born outside ,but its so cold i hope we avoided that problem
We have found out that you cant even put anything on peggys skin without causing a reaction
I was looking for some sort of homeopathic remedy that might not cause her to suffer
I guess theres always flea combs
She is a good reason (health wise only)not to mix breeds that were never ment to mix (blk lab x pomaranian chihuahua)But she is the best dog I ever had
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Find food grade diatomaceous earth. It is ingestible so you can actually sprinkle it on your pets. It's a natural element, so I guess you could classify it as homeopathic.
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