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And yet another peeing thread about an awkward cat!!!

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Like DarthClem in the thread below I have had a good look through the forum and seen the sticky post that has lots of info in, but I was wondering if anyone had any comments on our cat.

We have a British Blue kitten, Sophie, that we brought home at 8 weeks and she is now about 14 weeks. We think the breeder wasn't very good, which may be by the by, or may contribute to the behaviour that is frustrating us.

Essentially the situation is this...

We shut Sophie up in a room at night with her bed, a scratching post, some toys, her food and water, and on the other side of the room her litter tray. Whilst she is shut in this room, whether at night or when we are out in the day, she will use the litter tray fine. Every morning there is a something for us to find in there!

However, when she is not shut in that room she will go to the toilet anywhere except in her tray. It means we have to constantly keep our eye on her and if she sqauts down we take her to her tray and she either will or won't pee. The biggest frustration is that she will walk past her litter tray to pee somewhere else rather than use it, but that same litter tray with no changes made will be used at night. So it's like, when it's her only option she'll use it, but when she has a choice she'll go anywhere except the litter tray.

We are getting so frustrated with this behaviour now that it is starting to affect our relationship with the cat. We love her dearly and she is very loving back, but this is driving us nuts!

Any advice anyone?

Thanks in anticipation

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There are a couple of thngs. If she is still very small and your place is large, just like babies, if they can't get there in time ... However, since she walks right by it, it is probably at least partly behavior. Make sure to have her checked by a vet to make sure she doesn't have any kind of urinary infection. Also, you need to really clean up where she has been going, to get rid of the smell, which will keep attracting her to that place. There are all kinds of products for this. Since you are in the UK, you might want to check with others in your area, the internet, and the pet store for ones that have proven to work for people. I'm sure other people will have some other great ideas.
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Thanks. I've started looking at the products for cleaning up. It's always in difficult to reach places though isn't it. I'm sure they know. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some web site where cats chalk up the most awkward peeing location
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Maybe she doesn't like the litter? But she uses it when in the room because she knows she'll be stuck inthere all night and you don't potty where you sleep/eat/play?

Can she get into the box easily or is the lip too high up? Try experimenting with litters perhaps. I also highly recommend cleaning with an appropriate cat urine/feces cleaner so all the smell gets cleaned from those areas.

Good luck! let us know how it goes.

Just remember she is a baby still, have patience. They all get over these akward stages, it just takes us humans to help them is all.
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Maybe get multiple litter boxes- don't move them around. Keep the one in that room and another out somewhere else until she gets the hang of it. That's what I would do.
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So I've got my black light, and have feliway on order. However, I tied ordering Nok Out but could only find it in the states. I placed an order but then had my money refunded as they don't ship outside the US. Does anyone know anywhere in the UK that sells this stuff or anything similar?

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