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Daily Thread Tues Nov 4th

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Good morning my lovelies!

Its going to be 17 and sunny today!! This must be a record..that is super hot for this time of year...I am so excited!!

Work was crazy yesterday..and I assume it will continue. There are lots of deer running into cars these days Poor little babies.

Ummm, after work I am going to the petstore for some Trout food, but that is about it....have a great day folks!
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It's going to be upper 70's today, which is absolutely perfect.

I will be working on a few English papers today and then on to some Math homework.

Sunny is at the screen door playing with our feral babies. It's too cute We will play together for a couple of hours (when he's done) and then hopefully he'll take a nap whilst I type my papers. He is usually on the keyboard or is chasing the mouse, however, so we'll see

Have a good day, everyone! Please get out and vote!
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I was planning on voting before work but was asked to come in at 8 instead of 10 so I will vote after dinner (take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy's!)

So I am eating my breakfast sandwich now, The cats are all in, the nieghbor's dog came over for a visit this morning too.

Have a good day. Its supposed to reach 70F today-a record temp for this time of year.

And November is the month deer breed so watch our for them at dawn and dusk. Wisconsin has the second highest deer/people deaths in the US-eek!
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Afternoon All!!!

Great day here today, very mild. Was up and out of house early this morning as I had an early appointment with my doctor.. Getting all my information together for tomorrow.

My specialist appointment is for 10 A.M. so it will be another early one there as well.

Am just driving down and right back, tried to convince my sister to come along but she is just getting over a cold and didn't want to go. Oh well that's okay.

The kitties are good today, all sitting in the window right now, they are enjoying having it open.

Everyone have a great day.
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