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My oldest son might have to have surgery

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Several months back my oldest son ,age 8, started having really bad headaches off and on(some of ya'll might remember that). The first one was so bad that it lasted 3 days with no break and we ended up in the ER but they never figured out what was wrong with him. As the months went by this happened again off and on but nearly as bad as the first one.

About a month ago we noticed something strange about his left eye. Every time he tried to focus on something his eye would "cross". This happened every single time he looked at you or looked at something that he had to focus on. So we busted our tale to get him back on insurance. It came through and first thing I did was make him an eye appointment.

That was where I took him yesterday. It was a very bad appointment. The whole time the doctor had to keep telling him to relax and not to focus because his eye crossed. The doctor kept asking me how long this had been going on and were we sure that this was new. I kept telling him yes. Then they did the flash light in the pupil thing and said my son has something called Marcus Gunn Pupil. And that he has to see an eye surgeon Wednesday for a consult. He said the eye crossing could have nothing to do with the MGP, it could be that he just has some infection in there. Or that yes it could be related to the MGP.

My research of Marcus Gunn Pupil when I got home was not good IMO. It could be that there is a lesion on an eye nerve or he could have a tumor on an optic nerve or he could have a tumor in or around the pituratary gland pressing on the nerves.

I feel so bad for my son already he had to have kidney surgery when he was 4 1/2- 5 years old because of a birth defect that was never caught. Now he might have to have another surgery this time on his eye. All 3 of my boys have had to have at least 1 type of surgery. One of my sons have had like 5 since birth.
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I'm sorry to hear about that Hopefully everything turns out alright for you both and lots of
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I hope everything turns out ok. You have alot on your plate, I know your worried about your son, but don't forget to take care of yourself! You have so much going on, you don't need to get sick.
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I hope he will be ok and he dosent need surgery.
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Oh goodness. What awful news. I'll pray it is less serious that suspected and that whatever the problem is can be easily fixed.
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i hope that everything turns out ok for you son
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Poor kid! I will deffinately pray everything is ok for him!
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I hope only for the best for your son, and I hope you the time between now and however long it takes for your team to figure out what it going on is smooth and swift. I know first hand how excruciating waiting can be.

Good luck at tomorrow's appointment, I will be thinking of you's!
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DH had surgery on his eyes as a child. He has diplopia (double vision), which surgery did help with some (but didn't get rid of). He said he doesn't remember it being that bad. There was swelling, soreness, and light sensitivity for a couple of weeks.
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.... oh no.... i´m so sorry for that...
for a soon recovery of him my friend!...
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